Caribou Coffee Ornaments and Collectibles 2010-2011

In 2010 Caribou Coffee stopped producing the Cup-O-Cheer mini mugs. They also changed the company logo. While in 2011 the Hand Crafted item’s started. I love that Caribou did hand crafted item’s because I’m a crafter as well, so it makes me appreciate these items even more.

2010 Holiday Mini Mug Red with Snowflakes

The new look was introduced in 2010. It’s larger then the past collectible ornaments. Almost large enough to fit that shot of espresso in the morning!

2010 Caribou Red Mug Image

2010 Holiday Mini Bouism To Go Cup

The Bouism To Go Cup is the first in the style cup series. I love this to cup it’s so adorable!!!

2010 Caribou White Ornament Image

2011 Holiday Mini Bouism Mug 

This is the same size as the red and can almost also fit a shot of espresso

2011 Bouism Mini Mug Image

2011 Holiday Mini Fairisle To Go Cup

How cute is this Fairisle design, doesn’t it just make you all cozy inside

2011 Fairisle Mini To Go Image

2011 Holiday Knit Mitten’s Ornament

This starts the hand crafted items. These knit little mittens are red and white, strung together with a knitted bow to hang with your favorite ornaments.

2011 Knit Mittens Image

2011 Holiday Owl Ornament

This stuffed owl ornament has the perfect seasonal colors. The tail is made of Plastic Pine Branches, the Feet are made of hard wire. I love this little guy.

2011 Owl Image

2011 Holiday Wooden Skates Ornament

These little skates are made of handcrafted wood, faux fur with jingle bells on the front. The skates are a tin metal hung together with twine. I actually have this ornament and they are very well made. I think the jingle bells really add that touch to

2011 Wooden Skates Image

2011 Holiday Wooden Snowflake Ornament

This handcrafted rustic wooden snowflake is made with small wood chips adhered to a snowflake pattern for a more natural look and feel. I want one I don’t know about you, I may even have to make my own.

2011 Wooden Snowflake Image

2011 Be Merry Wooden Ornament

This Be Merry sign  is a great idea for a tree. It’s a wooden sign with silver glitter lettering, and finished with a plaid ribbon hanger

2011 Be Merry Wooden Ornament

2011 Holiday Plush Caribou

This pillow like plush Caribou has a little Fairisle scarf. I also have this in my collection. It’s not an ornament which I usually only collect, it was too adorable to pass up so I bought it when I saw one for sale on Ebay.

2011 Plush Caribou Stuffed Animal Image

All the images you see are from Caribou Coffee. They did some great advertising images too through there promotional company.

These really show you there details

2011 Ornaments3 2011 Merry Skates 2011 Ornaments2 2011 Ornaments4

Time to seize this spring day!!!


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