Caribou Coffee Ornaments 2012

2012 Caribou Coffee’s Holiday Ornaments have a Classic and Whimsy mix of items. They are a very cute bunch I must say so myself.

2012 Caribou Coffee Logo Mini Mug 

Company Logo on front and the Caribou tag line “Life is short, Stay awake for it” on the back. You can see the back in the last photo of this post.

2012 Caribou Mini White Mug Image

2012 Holiday Mini To Go Cup

This was a replica of the in-store Holiday To Go Cup that year. The To Go cups might be made of ceramic, but I’m still working on figuring that out for sure. Hopefully I can confirm that in future post for Caribou Coffee.

2012 Caribou Red To Go Image

2012 Holiday Sled Ornament

I love love love this little wooden sled with red sliders. Perfect for a classic holiday theme tree.

2012 Caribou Sled Image

2012 Cross Fox Ornament

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Caribou does caution that this is made of sticks and is flammable. It’s nice to see Caribou keeping the customer’s informed.

2012 Cross Fox Ornament Image

2012 Furry White Owl Ornament

White Furry Owl perched on a branch. Orange Eyes and Grey Beak. I think this might just be my favorite of the whole bunch this year.

2012 Furry White Owl Ornament Image

2012 Knit Red and White Acorn

Tiny little Knitted Red and White Acorn. So dainty and cute I just adore it’s simplicity for an ornament.

2012 Knit Acorn Knit Red and White Image

This advertisement was run by Caribou Coffee for a short term sale from Dec 10th. And for 50% off, I hope they do that this year as well.

2012 Ornaments

I hope you enjoyed this list of 2012 Ornaments. I’ll be back in a few days to bring you up to speed on 2013’s list.

Ciao ~ Danielle


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