Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2001

Finally onto a new category.  America’s favorite coffee brand…..DUNKIN DONUTS!!! I did reach out to Dunkin Donuts and it is unfortunate that they do not have a list of when and what ornaments they sold or when they started. But I did score some great freebies from them and even 1 ornament from this past Christmas. Customer Service at Dunkin Donuts is superb!!

So after alot of searching, asking, and investigating, It seems they started around 2001.

2001 Dunkin released atleast 2 Ornament Styles with 2 Separate Designs. This was either a Manufacturing error, or 2 design’s of each style’s were sold in separate country’s or locations across the US.

2001 To Go Dunkin Holiday Box with Dark Green Ribbon

The first style I came across was the Mini To Go Holiday Box with the Dark Green ribbon

This box has a bold green ribbon and the logo appears to be bolder then the next style

UPDATE: I previously had in this post (This box has a double ribbon tail on the left) this was a mistake, this image was offset when printing was done in manufacturing!

2001 DD Holiday Donut Box Dk Gn Ribbon

2001 To Go Dunkin Holiday Box with Light Green Ribbon

When I came across the light green, I just figured it was a different color string.  Then realized that this one has a lighter logo and the green ribbon is more defined graphically

2001 DD Holiday Donut Box Lt Gn Ribbon

2001 To Go Holiday Cup with Dark Green Ribbon

I just love this ornament and was so amazed that this cup also came in 2 styles. The difference is very noticeable on these two. Large Dunkin Donuts logo, a large high bow around the cup and right below the web address “Visit us at http://www.DunkinDonuts.com.

The lid does come off!!

I just came across some of this one online with the light green string. This could be a 3rd possibility but will wait for Christmas time to see what pops up online and do some more research on it.

2001 DD Holiday To Go Cup Dk Gn Ribbon

2001 To Go Holiday Cup with Light Green Ribbon

This second style has a thinner and tinnier green bow around it, with the web address now above it and under a smaller Dunkin Donuts logo that says “Discover Great Coffee at http://www.DunkinDonuts.com

2001 DD Holiday to go Cup Lt Gn Ribbon

If you know of any other styles this year, I’d love to hear about them and see them, so please share if you do

Stay tuned for 2003’s list. I was unsuccessful in finding any from 2002. Again if you have any info I’d love to hear and see them.

Happy hunting


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