Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2003, 2006 & 2007

2002, 2004, & 2005 have not turned up anywhere in my hunt. I would think they kept up producing the ornament’s each year, so please if any reader’s are more knowledgeable then I, please let me know, I’d love to fill in some holes.

2003 Holiday Munchkin Box

This was the 1st release of the Munchkin Box ornament. The adorable Munchkin box just makes me happy and it’s not all Dunkin Colors which is rare from all the ornaments I’ve come across.

This is a plastic box complete with a winter’s scene and white ribbon.

One the one side there is the Dunkin Donuts Coffee House and leaving is a jolly Munchkin with his scarf and behind him a happy Munchkin making snow angels. The other side has a group of sleigh riding Munchkins having a good ol time passing an Igloo Dunkin Donuts Coffee House.

On the one edge side you have a Skiing Munchkin, and the other edge has a Munchkin making a snowman.

The Munchkin box’s original packaging is a clear box

2003 Holiday Munchkin Box House side      2003 Holiday Munchkin Box Igloo side

2006 Ceramic To Go Cup

This to go cup has a lot of quality to it. It’s a tiny little glossy cup, with a pink sateen ribbon and it’s got some weight to it, so hang it on a tough branch if you get one.

The packaging is so cute with pink ribbon around the clear box. Perfect stocking stuffer, I like that Dunkin thought of the wrapping for us.

2003 To Go Cup Packaged   2006 To Go Cup Ceramic

2007 Frosted Sprinkle Donut Glass Ornaments in Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla

In 2007 these were sold individually not as a set. This is a lightweight glass ornament. Each has a frosted front and sprinkle top and when flipped over, it is a classic donut underside. I think they could have done alittle better on the sprinkles though

2007 DD Glass Donut Set2        2007 DD Glass Donut Set

I really enjoyed the hunt for these years, so if I happen to be missing ornament’s to this list, please share with me, I’d love to know more.

I hope whoever’s reading this list finds it helpful and next post will be 2008, 2009 & 2010

Happy Hunting Dunkin Lover’s out there!!!


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