Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2008, 2009 & 2010

2008, 2009 & 2010 ornaments have a nice mix of merchandise. They still were keeping with the 1 ornament a year release but in 2010 they offered up two styles when they brought back Dunkin Retro merchandise.

2008 Holiday To Go Cup

This is the Holiday Cup which they served in stores during the Holidays and showcased it in a tiny ornament version. Made of plastic the cup is decorated with the classic Orange and Pink Dunkin Colors.  One side displays the Happy Holidays message while the other side has the America Runs On Dunkin Icons. You’ll notice that the America icon is switched with a Snowflake. The cup also has Dunkin color snowflakes

Dunkin did it once again with the packaging for this ornament. Perfectly Packaged for stocking stuffer gifts

2008 DD Holiday to go Cup Snowflakes Sides   2008 DD Holiday to go Cup Snowflakes Sides2    

2009 Snowman with Donuts

This snowman was hard for me to find at first, but I am now seeing them pop up on Ebay here and there.  This a heavy little ornament, made of plaster I think. This cute snowman is wearing a pink and orange striped scarf, carrying his favorite holiday box of Dunkin Donuts. This piece is hand painted.

So adorable, When collecting this cute guy try and find one with a good box, and it originally had a clear sticker with black writing on it’s flat backside.

2009 Dunkin Snoman2       2009 Dunkin Snoman Package

2010 Retro Ceramic Mug Ornament

Finally a Dunkin Donuts mug. The Retro Mug is ceramic so it’s got some weight to it.

This mug was also sold up to 2013 at some locations. If they had many from the previous year they also sold them the following years!

2010 DD Retro Cup2  2010 DD Retro Cup

2010 Retro Pink Donut Box Ornament

The Retro Pink Dunkin Donuts dozen box. Ah the days when they used to pack them on there sides. To me that was always the best way, now we have this huge box to take with us when we leave. Sometimes Retro is still best.

Ok so this ornament is the HEAVIEST ornament to date. This box made from plaster I think is sold with a gold wire ring that the pink string is attached too.  Make sure you hang this one in the heaviest branch you have on your tree.

This Donut Box was also sold up to 2013 at some locations. If they had many from the previous year they also sold them the following years!

2010 DD Retro Donut Box Ornament2  2010 DD Retro Donut Box Ornament

I Hope your have enjoyed the ornaments from 2008 to 2010.

Happy Hunting Dunkin Lover’s out there!!!


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