Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2013

2013’s mix of new and previous year ornaments made me very confused in my searches, and boy a headache to boot.

2013 White Ceramic Mug

How cute is this white ceramic mug with the Dunkin logo and blue satin ribbon.

This is a very rare ornament. I have yet to see anyone want to part with one on Ebay. So this one might be worth paying alittle more for. This came packaged in a clear tube with blue base.

2013 DD Retro Mug Ornament2  2013 DD Retro Mug Ornament

2013 Dunkin Store Snow Globe Ornament

The second in the Snow Globe series is lacking in quality compared to the 2012 style. The new store style set inside the globe displayed in it’s neutral tan, brown and orange tones.

It appears these are hand painted because you will find some online which just look a mess. So be careful when bidding to check all the photos closely and try to get one as neat as possible

2013 DD Store Snow Globe Ornament Loose   2013 DD Store Snow Globe Ornament3

2013 Munchkin Box Ornament

This is a plastic molded Munchkin Box that has the America Runs on Dunkin slogan and icons. And Embossed with Dunkin Donuts Logo on the sides with pink ribbon. I wish they would do another Holiday Munchkin Box, finger’s crossed this may be the year 🙂

2013 Munchkin Box Loose    2013 Munchkin Box

They also sold in some locations, the following from previous years:

These were sold as overstock items and put out with the 2013 ornaments in some states

2012 DD Store Snow Globe Ornament2 2010 DD Retro Donut Box Ornament 2010 DD Retro Cup

This concludes the 2013 and some previous year ornaments collection.

One more year to go 2014 coming up next

Happy Hunting Dunkin Lover’s out there!!


2 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2013

    • Hi Kathy…That seems to be the holy grail of the DD ornaments. They are out there, someday they will pop up, I have hope. Sorry for late approval I moved and had been working on house stuff and lost track of months I’ve been on


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