Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2014

So this year’s mix was a pleasant combo. It has a little bit of everything one can love about the holiday’s. So let’s see what 5 styles they gave us this year shall we?

2014 Dunkin Donuts Ball Ornament

Dunkin went with a classic Christmas ball look on this one. I love the pink and white colors. And I especially love the white snowy accents. Dunkin sent me this one when I contacted them about the ornament list.

2014 DD Ball Ornament

2014 Dunkin Donuts To Go Box of Donuts

This ornament is a yummy open box of donuts. Dunkin stayed with the standard box for this ornament. Although I would have liked to seen the Holiday box version on the ornament, this one still makes me smile.  You will find some where the paint job is not the best, so remember to check all images online when bidding or buying.

2014 Open Donut Box Loose  2014 Open Donut Box Back

2014 Ugly Sweater Ornament

This really is an ugly sweater but what an AMAZING Ornament idea. I absolutely love it. A red knit sweater with green knit trim, and embroidered with snowflakes, pines, a Dunkin To Go cup and a snowman head. The green plastic hanger is perfect to hang the sweater on your tree

2014 Ugly Sweater Ornament Loose

2014 Donut Snoman Ornament

This is a mix item ornament, we have a classic coconut donut body, with a coconut munchkin head, and Dunkin colored straws for arms. This Dunkin Snowman is adorned with a black top hat, red and green scarf, and JOY across his tummy. This ornament is hung with a green ribbon and packaged in a clear plastic box

2014 Snowman Ornament

2014 Retro Dunkin Donuts Snowglobe

This ornament is a throw back to the Retro Dinkie Mascot. I love the pink ornament with retro Dinkie inside in his classic pose. It is hard to find one that has the base logo applied correctly. Alot of the times it will be a little tilted but still a great addition to the 2014 collection

2014 Retro DD Snow Globe

This year’s list of 2014 Ornament’s will bring me to end of my Dunkin Donuts post, until the new release of this year’s for 2015. I don’t know about you guys, but I am excited to see what they have in store for us this holiday season.

Happy Hunting Dunkin Lover’s out there!!!


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