Peet’s Coffee Ornaments 2009 & 2010

Peet’s Coffee & Tea began in San Francisco in 1966. They were one of the early introducer’s of dark roasted Arabica coffee.

Peet’s started offering ornaments in 2009. I confirmed this with Peet’s Customer Service Dept. They were so helpful and friendly.  Some of the best Customer Service I’ve had on my whole collecting journey.

So let’s begin on Peet’s Ornament Journey shall we….

2009 South America Stamp Motif Mug

This adorable little mug, was the same as the in store and To Go Cup designs of 2009. This is an Ancient Stamp Motif which depicts a scene with a Dog, Monkey and Star in purple on both sides, with a red ribbon for hanging. This Ancient Stamp is native to South America.  Peet’s is known for using the Ancient Stamp design’s based on locations they obtain their coffee from.

2009 Coffee Mug Ornament4  2009 Coffee Mug Ornament3       

 2009 Coffee Mug Ornament Boxed

2010 Ceramic Tribal Motif Mug

This year they released 2 ornaments, we got lucky. This was confirmed again by one of Peet’s Buyer’s. This little Ceramic mug is the same as the in store To Go Cups this year.. With a teal tribal stamp boarder along the top and a teal ribbon for hanging

2010 Front2

2010 Felt Holiday Blend Coffee Bag

I love this little coffee bag. Peet’s was onto something this year. I think releasing the bag was a wonderful idea for a Coffee House Ornament.  Don’t you agree that the coffee house’s have so many blends, they should start making ornaments of them. I know I do.

2010 Holiday Blend Felt Ornament  2010 Holiday Blend Felt

I hope you have enjoyed your time here in Peet’s 2009 & 2010 Ornaments.

Happy Hunting out there Coffee Crazers!!!


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