Peet’s Coffee Ornaments 2011 & 2012

Peet’s went back to a single ornament each year. I was hoping they would continue to increase the amount of ornaments each year, but no such luck.

So let’s see what Peet’s has for us in 2011 & 2012…

2011 Red Holiday Dove Mug

This was a miniature version of the Holiday mug they sold that year. It’s solid red, with a blue dove on one side and white Peet’s logo on the other, hung with white ribbon. I love this ornament and Ginny at Caribou sent me one they had laying around in the office.

2011 Red Holiday Mug Ornament Back 2011 Red Holiday Mug Ornament

2012 Ceramic Hand To Go Cup

This year Peet’s released a white To Go Cup with swirl hand prints in teal with a teal ribbon hanger.  This had the year printed which made it much easier to identify.

2012 Peets White to go2     2012 Packaged

I hope you have enjoyed your time here in Peet’s 2011 & 2012 Ornaments.

Happy Hunting out there Coffee Crazers!!!


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