Peet’s Coffee Ornament 2014

First let me assure you, that you did not miss a 2013 Ornament.  According to Peet’s representative they DID NOT release on that year.  They do not know why they didn’t.

I think Peet’s has excelled in the quality this past Christmas. The 2014 Cup is gorgeous. Very ornate in it’s theme and colors.

2014 Holiday To Go Cup 

Peet’s did the fantastic job selecting a great scenic detail on this year’s cup. This little cup is a miniature version of the To Go Cup’s in store for 2014. This adorable little ornament is a little smaller then the previous year’s, but is decorated to the max with tree’s, birds and snowflakes.


This has concluded the short list of Peet’s Ornament’s.  Stay tuned to this Holiday season for what they release for 2015

PEET'S Logo Sketch


2 thoughts on “Peet’s Coffee Ornament 2014

    • Hello Chanelle, I’ve only had success on Ebay. They are rare to find. But I do have a few 2014’s left if you are interested. 2015 hasn’t popped up yet. I did send an email to my contact at Peet’s to see if they will be releasing one this year. I should hear from her this week and I’ll let you know what they say. 🙂


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