Caribou Coffee Ornament 2007 Newly Found

After last Christmas, I was on my quest to compile a list of Caribou Coffee ornaments and all through my search there was only 1 photo of this little mug.  I had reached out to the photo owner to see if there was a date, but did not receive any response. So I just hung onto the photo til maybe it showed up somewhere. Low and behold one popped up on Ebay.

So you can imagine my joy and excitement when someone posted listed one. I bought it that week as I had to have it. So here it is…..

2007 Cup-O-Cheer with Orange Ornament

How cute is this…I love beach tones too. This has an orange and red ornament with an off set white outline.  Then the Caribou Coffee logo on the back with the year 2007.

0911151526  0911151525b

This actually helped with all the mugs I see listed on ebay with this ornament design and no one seems to know the year.  So if you are looking through Ebay and see the below mug’s, they are from 2007.

Here are a few from Listings I found

2007 Teal Multi Orn Mug  Red 2007 Mug   2007 Teal Single Orn Mug


2 thoughts on “Caribou Coffee Ornament 2007 Newly Found

  1. I worked at Caribou from 2006-2009 and have lots of goodies. I have the 2007 Caribou foamboard deer and ornaments display from our store. Check out my Instagram feed @Gardenwife to see it! I also have several of the posters from 2004-2009. I haven’t photographed those yet.

    The company that bought Caribou closed all of our Ohio stores and rebranded our local one to Pete’s Coffee. Then they closed the Pete’s within about a year. The only way I can get my Caribou fix is to go out west.

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    • Hi Gardenwife….I can only imagine what goodies you must have. I just checked the display piece and it is lovely…such a wonderful holiday piece to have in your home. I also wish there was more on the east coast.. They have some of the best holiday ornaments I think. If you have any that I may have missed please let me know, I’d love to hear about them 🙂 Happy Holidays


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