Starbucks Ornament’s 1995 & 1999

Starbucks has the longest list of merchandise when it comes to Christmas Ornaments.  They are worldwide and don’t always offer the same styles in all countries. So my search is still showing up new things to this day. In this collection I’ll be including all types and variety of ornament’s.

Starbuck’s sold ornament style merchandise in other holiday’s beside’s just Christmas. So I will include them all together by year’s released.

This is going to be a long list of ornament’s so I hope your ready for what’s to come. 🙂

1995 Easter Egg Tin Ornaments

I was so excited when I found these great ornament’s from 1995. They were each filled with green basket grass and packaged inside was Imported Italian chocolates. I am not sure if they were sold at during Easter or Christmas to be honest

Each was sold with it’s own unique design inside and out. Inside is marked on each with the year 1995 and has a gold ribbon hanger. Who would have thought they started in Easter?  Not me, but I’m glad they did

UPDATE 4/9/2016 – There were actually 4 tin eggs in 1995. The 4th is very hard to find and if the prettiest in my opinion. It is a Lavender Egg with a floral and filigree pattern. The most feminine of them all

1995 Stabucks Easter Egg Ornament 1995 Stabucks Easter Eggs


1999 Barista Machine Ornament

1999 was the earliest release I was able to find for Christmas ornament’s. They put out a great assortment this year as a kick-off to what would be a huge market for the collecting world.

The Barista Machine ornament is plastic with great detail’s. The front of the machine is a decal of the machine’s knobs and lettering. Great Chrome and Black colors with a red hanger. These are usually being sold around $80 and up on Ebay.  But you will find someone at times not wanting to be so greedy. I would only pay $50 at most for this little plastic ornament.

Sold for $5

1999 Barista Machine Pkg

1999 Coffee Carafe Ornament

The Coffee Carafe is also plastic, bright as chrome and Starbuck’s logo along the center band. Hung with a red satin hanger

Sold for $5

1999 Carafe Ornament

1999 Mini Mug Ornament

This is a ceramic mug with Starbucks Green Siren Logo. This cute little mug is bright white glazed with a red satin hanger

Sold for $5

1999 Ornament Cup

1999 White To Go Cup

This is a plastic cup with the Starbucks Green Siren Logo and order bar. This ornament also was produced with decals instead of designed onto the cup. Hung with a red satin hanger.

Sold for $5

1999 Ornament To Go Cup