Starbucks Ornament’s 2004 & 2005

Hey everyone….2004 kicked off the Ceramic To Go Cup ornaments. The first To Go Cup was in 1999 and it was a plastic White To Go Cup.

The craze all starts here….

2004 Red Holiday To Go Cup

This year Starbucks kept it simple and classic. This is a ceramic cup with white snow flakes and a bright red bow under the Siren logo. Complete with a red satin hanger

This is the second To Go Cup that was released,But it is the first Holiday To Go Cup ornament. And I think it was perfectly merry.

This came packaged in a clear box with a red satin bow

2004 Ornament Red To Go cup1

2004 Ornament Red To Go cup3

2004 White To Go Cup

This is also a ceramic cup. The same as the in-store style to go cup’s at that time and featured a small logo. Complete with a red satin hanger

This also came packaged in a clear box and a red satin bow

2004 White To Go Cup Ornament

2004 White To Go Cup Ornament Small Logo


2005 Cup and Saucer Ornament

This ceramic Wish*Joy*Love Cup and Saucer is just charming. Around the outer rim, the classic holiday emotions of WISH*JOY*LOVE.

This was packaged in a festive holiday box that also captures the words and adorned with a red satin bow

2005 Ornament Cup and Saucer Mug

2005 Ornament Cup and Saucer


2005 Red Holiday To Go Cup

Starbucks stuck with the Red Holiday Cups from here on out.

This is again a ceramic cup adorned in the 2005 Slogan {It Only Happen’s Once A Year}. The cup is also filled with lots of holiday cheer. 

The top is hung with Christmas lights and the back hide’s a stuffed to the brim checkered stocking.

This also came packaged in a festive clear box and the classic red satin bow



Update 4/24/2018 – 1st International Snow Globe Ornament Release in Japan found

2005 Santa Train Snow Globe Ornament

This year I think I have finally come across what I believe to be the 1st Snow Globe ornament from Japan. I recently acquired this from a friend in Japan and was excited to see that this is a better quality version to the 2012 Santa Train ornament. Not only is the paint neater, but had a bit for eye for detail. This came in the red Santa Train box that came with chocolate coins just like the 2012 version did

These are the noticeable differences that separates the two

  1. Hand painted detail more refined in 2005 then 2012
  2. 2005 Santa is a bigger and has better features then 2012
  3. Back of train says Starbucks Coffee on 2005 where Coffee is omitted from 2012 and appears to be scratched off the original mold
  4. 2005 train is a tad larger then the 2012 cast mold
  5. Bottom text is neat and cleaner on 2005 then 2012

Happy Hunting my fellow collectors, this one is a rare gem to find and I put this in the Ultra Rare HTF category!


Get Ready because up next is 2006.  That is the year the Architect Series ornament’s arrived and Starbucks did a Holiday Catalog and a ton of variety.

I hope everyone here in the US has a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!!

From Mine to Yours!!


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