Starbucks Ornament’s 2006 & 2007


Hey everyone….I hope those who celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US are feeling as full as I am. Time for the holiday shopping spree’s, discounts, and fun. Well sometimes fun. I’m putting up the tree this week, and in the Christmas and Holiday Spirit. Falalalalala

2006 was a huge advertising year for Starbucks. They released a total of 16 Ornaments and a bunch of collectible pottery and plush pieces. They started the Architectural Collectible Series of Mini Mug Ornaments, all featuring Local destinations in the US. They also had published a holiday catalog filled with goodies to preview the merchandise.

2007 was a not as large and they only released 5 ornaments that I could locate. But they still are just as wonderful as any previous year Starbucks released ornaments. 🙂

2006 Architectural Series Mini Mug Ornaments

Starbucks released 9 ceramic mini mugs for this Local series at $5.95 each. All sold separately in a reusable box. Each box provides details on the Local city listed on the mug. Such as Elevation, Land Area, Avg. Annual Rainfall, Avg. Daily Temperature, and a little bottom note about the destination.

  1. Chicago
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Los Angeles
  4. New York City
  5. Pike Place
  6. San Diego
  7. San Francisco
  8. Seattle
  9. Washington DC

Sold for $5.95 each

2006 NYC Architect Series Mug SKU.JPG


2006 To Go Cups Ornament Set

This was the first time Starbucks bundled together 2 ceramic ornaments. This is a match made in heaven

This White To Go Cup has a bigger Logo then the 1st one sold in 2004

The Red Holiday To Go Cup has a winter scene of 2 kids building a snowman

This set sold for $9.95 and was wrapped with a red satin bow.

2006 Double Ornament Set


2006 Glass Tree Ornament, Gold Glitter Filled

This is a Glass Flat Ball Ornament Embossed with 3 decorated Tree’s and filled with gold glitter.

It was packaged in a Happy Holiday’s gift box to present to someone with a gift card and sold for $5.95


2006 Red Cup and Tree Snow Globe Ornament

This was the first Snow Globe Ornament that Starbucks released. This was featured in the Holiday catalog. The Red Cup Design was the same as the ceramic to go cup, featuring 2 kids building a snowman. The Snow Globe has inside a 4 dimensional decorated tree. This came packaged in a clear box and red satin bow.

This sold for $5.95

2006 Ornament Cup and GlobeStarbucks 2006 Booklet 5

2006 Topiary Mug Ornament

This little plastic ornament was the black sheep this year. It doesn’t seem to really fit, but I still love the ornament and style. Topiary Mugs were a fantastic idea. They did a whole series with the Topiary’s for 2006 in the Holiday catalog which I have attached.

This came packaged in a clear box

Sold for $5.95

2006 Ornament Topiary Cups2Starbucks 2006 Booklet 13

2006 WISH Cup and Saucer Ornament

This ceramic ornament represent’s the Tazo Tea line at Starbucks and is one piece. The cup has circle burst’s and the words WISH in gold and in tiny red script Holiday 2006. This was sold in a Tazo Tea Gift Set I believe but have not yet confirmed this

Sold for Unknown

2006 Ornament Cup and Saucer


2006 Felt 4-Sided Tree Ornament

Starbucks even put out ornaments in 2 of the gift packs this year.

The first one was packed in a Holiday’s at Home Gift Pack. This set included a Pound of Christmas Blend 2006, 13fl oz Abbey Mug and wrapped around the handle was the Felt Tree Ornament. This Ornament has a gold 2006 stamped tag

This set was packaged in a reusable box and sold for $19.95

2006 Felt Christmas Tree Ornament set2006 Felt Christmas Tree Ornament3

2006 Large Flat Felt Tree Ornament

This was the second set sold by Starbucks in 2006. This set  was a Coffee & Cookie gift set. This is a flat felt tree and has an embellishment on the left side with a gold 2006 stampde tag. Also packaged in a reusable box

The set sold for $16.95

2006-felt-tree-ornament-gift-set12006 Felt Flat Tree Ornament Gift Set2

2006 Small Flat Felt Tree Ornament

This is the 3rd Felt tree ornament. I was confused for the longest time because I always thought the tiny tree was in the Coffee & Cookies Gift Pack. But after realizing that the small tree didn’t have the 2006 tag but does have a tag that says “Remove Tag Before Product Use” tells me that this was on something as an accessory. After researching these last few weeks I came upon a few 2006 Holiday Tumbler’s that did have it. It seems it was only a select few styles, but I am also not sure if they were put on all the tumbler’s or if only like a promo, they got a few for each store and put it on random ones.

Most of the Tumblers were $12.95 up to $14.95. If you were lucky enough to purchase one and get this, it is a rare treat. This is the 1st Starbucks ornament which does not have any markings or year tag. It’s so tiny and adorable it is almost lost in the mountain of Starbucks ornament releases, but now you know 🙂


2006 Felt Stockings filled with Treats

I am going to start including stockings into the Ornaments list each year if they are small enough such as gift card holder and treat filled stockings.

These were tiny food filled stocking’s that they also advertised in the catalog. These are so small, I would include them on a tree and put surprises inside for the kids as a little extra treat.

1 – Red with White Trim and Ball Pom on toe tip was filled with Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Sold for $5.95

2- Red with White Stripes was filled with Biscotti Biscuits Sold for $5.95

3 – Red with 4 White Button and Star on toe tip, filled with Candy Cane Sticks Sold for $3.95

2006 Assorted Candy Filled Stockings

Update 4/9/2016:

2006 Red Rimmed Cup and Saucer Ornament

This is an extremely rare ornament. So rare I only know of one person to have it. Becca was kind enough to let me use her photos so I can share with all of you.

This is a ceramic cup and saucer ornament. White with a red rimmed pattern of circles and diamonds. This is hung by a silver cord

Sold for Unknown

I believe this was sold in Asia, but not sure if it was sold in any other locations. If anyone is aware of has extra’s of this one, please contact me/

2006 Cup and Saucer Red Rimmed2006 Ornament Cup and Saucer Red Trim ASIA32006 Ornament Cup and Saucer Red Trim ASIA2



2007 To Go Cup and Coffee Bag Ornament Set

This is the 2nd edition Ornament set. These are 2 ceramic ornament’s. A Red Holiday To Go Cup is paired with a bag of 2007 Christmas Blend Coffee.

The Red To Go Cup depicts a scene of snow falling and on the back a man and woman reaching with a gift and coffee

The Christmas Blend Coffee Bag depicts a scene of Christmas Caroler’s in the center of a town and a thankful listener bring them some coffee.

Packaged in a clear box and sold for $9.95. This might also have come with a red satin bow around the outside

2007 Cup and Bag of Coffee

2007 White To Go Cup Ornament

This is a Ceramic Ornament and a miniature version of the in store To Go Cups. This seem’s to be the same design as the double pack sold in 2006. Both year’s are stamped differently, but I don’t notice any distinct feature that shows me they are different.

This sold in a plastic package
Sold for $5.95

2007 White To Go Cup

2007 Red Cup and Tree Snow Globe Ornament 

This 2007 version is similar to 2006. With the difference that the decorated tree is now whole and surrounded by present’s.

The Red Cup design is the same as the 2007 double pack, depicting snow falling and a man and woman greeting one another with a gift and coffee

This sold in a plastic package

Sold for $5.95

2007 To Go Cup and Globe Tree 2


2007 Snowflake Cup and Saucer Ornament

Another wonderful white ceramic cup and red saucer ornament that is colorful with snowflakes and script Holiday 2007

This was sold in the 2007 Tazo Tea gift set

Sold for $14.95

2007 SB Tea Cup Gift Set42007 SB Tea Cup Gift Set2007 SB Tea Cup Gift Set2

2007 Red Cup Penguin Snow Globe Ornament

I love this ornament. 2007 Starbucks released the penguin on a lot of it’s pottery so naturally they would release a penguin ornament.

This is a Red Abbey mug with snowflakes, topped with a Skiing Red Penguin in the Snow Globe. I’m not sure if this was sold in the US or not. So if someone is reading this and actually purchased one here, please let me know, I’d love to update my notes. But I believe this was sold in Taiwan.

Sold for Unknown

This one is very hard to find, they recently sold on Ebay in November 2015 for $59.95 each.

2007 Cup with Globe Penguin

I hope you have enjoyed this list of 2006 and 2007 Ornament’s. I need the Penguin from 2007 but refuse to pay that much on Ebay.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Coming up next week 2008 & 2009


Update 4/9/2016:

2007 To Go Cups International Ornament Set

I almost missed this beauty. Until I realized months ago that 2 photos were not quite the same. Then I realized this scene was much smaller then the one depicted on the 2007 USA red cup .

This ceramic set has a Red Cup with the tiny sharing scene, and a White Cup double sided Siren Logo with custom order menu. Both are hung with a red satin cord

Sold for 295₱

2007 Europe_Asia Red Cup and White Cup Set2






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