Starbucks Ornament’s 2008, 2009 & 2010

Happy Friday readers and collector’s out there. Hope everyone is ready for the weekend, cause I know I sure am!!!

This entry I wanted to give a little extra in the spirit of gift giving season ūüôā I’ll be giving all 2008, 2009 & 2010 as well some adorable Japan released ornament’s.

***UPDATE 2/20/2016: I have recently confirmed that the 2010 Japan Fabric Ornament’s were actually sold in 2012 not 2010. I have moved the details to the 2012 list***

I already¬†started¬†adding international releases to my fast growing collection. I’m a bit obsessed I’ll admit it. So let’s see what we got and get right to it shall we…..

2008 Red Holiday To Go Cup

The 2008 Red Cup theme was a forest of woodland animals. On the right side there is a dove, and on the back a stag and all about the cup are snowflakes and tiny tree’s. This ceramic cup was packaged in a sturdy reusable cardboard carton. Red satin hanger. Sold for¬†$4.95

2008 To Go Holiday Cup

2008 White To Go Cup w/Sleeve

This cup represent’s the same as sold in store. Starbucks started the Recycle Program this year. This sleeve had a Coffee Tree silhouette printed on it. I love that they added that to the White cup design in ornament form since a few white cup’s were already released in 2004 & 2007. I think this is my favorite of all year White cups.

This ceramic cup was also packaged in a sturdy reusable cardboard carton. Green satin hanger Sold for $4.95

2008 To Go Cup with Sleeve

2008 Small Fabric Bird and Reindeer Ornaments

The Fabric ornament’s were a nice addition to the ceramic’s. These also complimented the Red Cup woodland animal scene. They released a Red Multi-Fabric Bird and a Brown Multi-Fabric Reindeer. I do also know the Reindeer was sold in Japan. It was exactly the same with the only variation, is the Japan price tag attached to the tag.

Both sold for $4.95 each in the US


Japan Reindeer

2008 Barista Snow Globe Red Cup Japan

This is from of the Starbucks Collectible Miniature’s, but it always comes up in the Ornament sections I notice when searching.This was sold in Japan. ¬†This is a mini Red Mug topped with a Snow Globe and inside is a Barista in an upside down tree with a Candy Cane. The handle has Starbucks in white on it and no marking’s on the base.

2008 Japan Snowglobe Mug2

 2009 Plastic Cold Cup Ornament, 1st Edition

This adorable little cold cup is a favorite of us all in the summer. This is an exact replica of the in store Cold Cups. It is so cute and the first of many to come. This is a Plastic Cup with a Flat Top, and No Straw ornament. Hung with a green satin ribbon. Sold for $4.95

2009 Cold Cup No Straw Ornament

2009 Red Holiday To Go Cup

The festive 2009 ceramic Red Cup features Christmas Ornament’s with words of the season. There is a Star that says WISH, a Mitten that says LOVE, and a ball that says HOPE. Red satin hanger, Sold for $4.95

2009 To Go Holiday Cup

Update 4/9/2016: 

2009 Snow Globe Mug Ornaments from Japan

Yes some more international ornaments have been confirmed. These were released in Japan I know for sure. These are extremely rare and very hard to find. They are just amazing. It appears they are the same size as the 2010 all with string hangers

White Mug Gold Bursts w/Santa Bear

White Mug Mitten Garland w/Tree

Red Mug Snowflakes w/Black Penguin

Gold Mug Green Print w/White Dove

Red/White Striped Mug w/Snowman

2009 Japan Crystal Ball Ornaments

2010 Plastic Cold Cup Ornament 2nd Edition

This 2nd edition cold cup is the same as 2009, but this one has the straw with it.

Sold for $4.95

2010 Cold Cup Ornament w Straw2

2010 Red Holiday To Go Cup

This holiday ceramic cup featured the Snow Day Kids on either side of the Siren Logo. Both looking up to the falling snow. Red satin hanger.

Sold for $4.95

This Ornament was also sold in Japan in 2010 with no variation from what I have seen.

2010 To Go Holiday Cup kids  2010 To Go Holiday Cup kids2                                              2010 To Go Holiday Cup kids3

2010 Snow Globe Mug Ornaments from Japan

Japan is just as obsessed with Starbucks as the United States. They release some really cool merchandise. Japan released 6 Snow Globe Ornaments in 2010

  • Jack in the Box Clown on top of a Gold Mug
  • Red Latte To Go Cup on top of a White Mug
  • Snow Day Kid on top of a Red Mug with Candy Cane Handle
  • Reindeer on top of a Green Mug with Swirls
  • Rocking Horse on top of a White Mug with Decorated Tree’s
  • Reindeer 2 on top of a White Mug with Candy Cane Handle


What a list eh!!! 2010 was fun to research since I got to explore outside of the United States. I was surprised to see how many were sold in other countries¬†during my research. I think you’ll enjoy them, so keep checking back or follow my blog if you want to be updated.

If my friend’s reading this from Japan, know of any more to be added please send me a message, I’d love to hear about it and add to my library

Have a wonderful weekend my fellow coffee collectors out there.




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