Starbucks Ornaments 2011 & 2012

BLIZZARD 2016 is here in New Jersey. It has been such a mild winter I can’t believe this is the first one of the season. I’ve got 12″ outside and the Jersey Shore is flooding. I hope any reader’s out there on the East Coast who are in the storm stay safe through tomorrow.

What better way to begin this weekend with a new post for Starbucks 2011 & 2012 while snowed in. So here we go….

2011 Boy and his Dog Sledding Red To Go Cup

Starbucks released the classic red cup ornament in 2011 themed with the Boy and his Dog Sledding scene. 2011 was the “Let’s Merry”, “Let’s gather with good friends” and “Let’s rediscover why we’re best friends” tag lines.

This is a ceramic cup with a red satin hanger. This was also sold in this years 4 pack. They were exactly the same style, no variation

This sold for $4.95

International Notation: This was also sold in Asia and the only difference is that the 2011 USA Version has TM/CM next to the Siren Logo and the Asia Version has only TM

2011 Sleigh Ride To Go Cup

2011 Siren To Go Cups 4 Pack

As us fans know, the Siren has been the muse of Starbucks. This 4 pack comes with a 1971 Original Siren Logo Brown, 1992 Green and Black Siren Starbucks Coffee Logo, 2011 Green Siren Logo removal of words, and the 2011 Holiday “A Boy and his Dog sledding” ornament.

This was a great way to showcase the changes Siren has gone through over the years. My favorite has to be the current logo and my second is the original.

Sold for $11.95

2011 4 pack set

2011 White Siren Demitasse Mug

This is a 3 oz ceramic white large Siren logo mug. This was the first demitasse size mug that was sold as an ornament I think. The Siren really stands out. Comes with a dark green satin hanger

Sold for $4.95

2011 White Siren Mup Ornament

2011 Blue Plush Bird

Starbucks released 3 lovable fabric characters as well. This is an adorable plush bird ornament. One of the characters featured in 2011’s holiday designs. Hung with a light green satin ribbon

Sold for $3.95

2011 Fabric Bird Ornament2

2011 Purple Plush Fox

This fox is too cute, 2 tone purple with white accents. He was made of felt material and not as soft as the blue bird. Hung with a light green satin ribbon

Sold for $3.95

2011 Fabric Fox Ornament

2011 Red Plush Reindeer

I love the over exaggeration on the antlers. This little guy is made of felt material and hung with a green satin ribbon

Sold for $3.95

2011 Fabric Deer Ornament

2012 Snowman Red To Go Cup

This was the year to Rekindle. Back again are some familiar characters. This years red cup featured a winking snowman with small Siren logo. This is a ceramic cup with red ribbon hanger

Sold for $4.95

2012 Holiday To Go Cup Snowman

2012 Gold To Go Cup

We got a treat in 2012 with this fresh new To Go Cup. This looks great on the tree shimmering against the lights. This is a Gold Metallic Ceramic mug with Starbucks in white down the side and no Siren Logo. Hung with a white ribbon

Sold for $4.95

2012 Gold To Go Cup


2012 Nutcracker Set 3pc

Who doesn’t love the Nutcracker. It reminds me of going into NYC to see the Christmas Spectacular every year. I scooped it right up first before any others in 2012

3 White and Gold Ceramic ornaments. The Nutcracker, The Fox and a Snowman. All hung with white satin ribbon

Sold for $14.95

2012 Nutcracker Ornament Set Glass

2012 Swarovski White To Go Cup

partnering with Swarovski was a great idea. This cup is amazing.  They are not easy to come by and in 2015, one sold on Ebay for over $600.

White ceramic mug encrusted with tons of Swarovski Crystals in various sizes. Shimmers and Sparkles against the tree lights. So gorgeous.  GlamBucks!!

Hung with white ribbon and came in a gold box

Sold for $44.95

2012 1st Edition Swarovski ToGo Cup

2012 Gift Card Holder with White Dove Cut Out

The cardboard gift holder was a new way of giving 2 for 1 gifts.  White cardboard Dove with red satin hanger

This sold for $4.95

2012 Gift Card Holder w White Dove Cut Out USA

2012 Dove Cut Out Ornament USA White Finished

                  2012 International Releases

2012 Green Tea Siren Mug – Asia/Philippines

I acquired mine from a gentlemen in the Philippines.

This a white ceramic mug with Siren log.


2012 Train Topped Snow Globe w/Santa – Asia

I love that this one has Santa on board. This is rare in the fact that this does not scream Starbucks or Coffee in any way. I purchased mine from Taiwan.  He came in a gift page with chocolate coin candies. I wish they would sell the snow globe ornaments here, that would make my year

It’s a resin train, topped by a glass snow globe with Santa delivering presents. Has a gold hanger



2012  Gift Card Holder with Blue Dove Cut Out – Asia

I purchased mine from South Korea.  These were similar to the US version, except in 2 different colors.

This one is a Blue cardboard Dove cut out with red satin ribbon hanger

2012 Gift Card Holder w Blue Dove Cut Out Korea-32012 Dove Cut Out Ornament Korea Blue Finished


2012  Gift Card Holder with Red Dove Cut Out – Asia

This 2nd version from South Korea I purchased is a Red cardboard Dove cut out

2012 Dove Cut Out Ornament Korea Red-2


2012 Fabric Promo Ornaments from Japan

Japan also released a series of 6 Fabric Ornament’s which were illustrations from the Red Holiday Cups and Ornaments.

  • Red Fox with Scarf
  • Snowman with Red Scarf
  • Skating Male with Gold Scarf
  • Skating Female with Gold Scarf
  • Mouse with Gift
  • 3 Stacked Gifts with a Red Bird

2010 Starbucks Fabric Ornament


Well that concludes the 2011 & 2012 Ornaments, I guess I should head out and do some more shoveling.  WHEN WILL IT STOP!!!  I say I have about a Foot and Half and more to come.

Stay warm my friends and after shoveling I’m coming in and making a nice hot cup of Veranda Blonde….mmmmmm


Gloria Jean’s Coffee Ornament 2015

Happy New Year!!! Where did 2015 go.  I started my Coffee House Collectible’s search in Nov 2014 and I have already posted almost 75% of my findings. I just couldn’t wait to share them with those looking for these lovely little ornaments, like myself I guess.

I felt like I hit the lottery this year to be honest…One of my co-worker’s was traveling home to Australia for Christmas and New Year’s. So I was so excited when she gladly accepted to grab me the 2015 Gloria Jean’s Coffee Ornament. She almost didn’t want to give me it because she loved it so much.

So here she is.

2015 Ceramic Holiday To Go Cup

Seated in a red box this little Be Merry Ceramic Holiday To Go Cup ornament is even better looking in person.

Red Cup with a green Be Merry adorned with a light green tree. In the circle it says -SERVING UP- Warm Wishes. It repeats the warm wishes saying and another tree and on the back the white Gloria Jean’s Logo. Hung with a red satin hanger

This sell’s in Australia only still for $10.95 each.

I was hoping that Gloria Jean’s Coffee in the US would start but no such luck.


Have a Healthy and Happy New Year everyone. More Starbucks coming soon