Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2015

Hey there guys….It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’m ready to get back into the Ornaments after relaxing through the winter.

I love what DD released for us in 2015.  We got 2 new styles this year Yeah!!!! And if you were lucky, one of your local stores might have also taken out some left overs from 2014. My local DD did and I was able to scoop up the 2014 Ugly Sweater ornament as well.  I have noticed this from store to store over the last 4 yrs. So sometimes it pays to wait before jumping on Ebay and searching that one you missed.  Just a little note to ones self for 2016 😉  Ok so let’s see what we have….

2015 Dunkin Donuts Sprinkle Ball Ornament

Ok seriously I am through the roof about this ornament, How about you? I think it the best and classiest of ornaments, that DD ever released. It’s a glass ornament filled with rainbow sprinkles.  Seriously who wouldn’t love this beauty. It does say “For Display Only, Not for Consumption” So don’t go trying to eat those tasty looking sprinkles inside.  🙂

This is hung with a grey satin ribbon with bow, with the DD logo pattern

I believe they sold for $5 each


2015 Dunkin Donuts To Go Cup Sleigh

It wouldn’t be Christmas or the Holidays without a To Go Cup ornament. So DD kept the To Go Cup this year, but with a twist.

Tipped on its side and made into a Sleigh that is filled with gifts in classic DD colors. The packaging says Hand Painted – Limited Edition. You will find some a little more refined then others because of the hand painting. This is hung with a silver metallic string

I think this also sold for $5 each


Both 2015 Ornaments were larger in size this year which was nice. I don’t mind the smaller ones but I like the heavier ornaments on a thick tree

I hope you all got your ornaments, especially the Sprinkles Ornament. 🙂

Now what will they think of Nov 2016.

Have a great night everyone




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