Peet’s Coffee Ornaments 2015

Happy Easter my fellow collector’s. So I have talked to my colleagues around the world and it seems many are not familiar with Peet’s. If you are not aware of Peet’s, here are a few points to get you up to speed on Peet’s Coffee & Tea

  • Peet’s Coffee & Tea is a San Francisco Bay Area specialty coffee roaster and retailer
  • Founded in 1966 by Alfred Peet from Berkeley California
  • Early Introduction of dark roast Arabica coffee and French roast espresso drinks
  • Starbucks founders knew Alfred Peet and designed the SBX franchise based on Peet’s
  • Starbucks original started by selling and brewing Peet’s Coffee Beans
  • Starbucks purchased Peet’s in 1984
  • Peet followers are called “Peetniks”

So now that you know that Peet’s and Starbuck’s are connected, I hope you’ll pay more attention to them in the future. They have some great coffee’s too.  I personally enjoy the Colombia Luminosa which is a light brew. It is a mild smooth flavor with a slight sweet aroma.

Peet’s puts out great ornaments also. So let’s check out the 2015 line up.

2015 Holiday To Go Cup 

Here we have the yearly ceramic To Go Cup ornament. This has a Peet’s holiday theme of Love and Coffee on one side and Pete’s Logo on the other side marked 2015. Hung with a red cord hanger

You will notice in the photos that the Limited Edition photo has a black top. This is from Peet’s online shop.

When I received mine, it has red instead of black. If anyone has received or purchased one with black, please let me know so I can update the list for 2 styles.

I do enjoy the yearly To Go Cup, but this feels more Valentines Day with all the red.

retail price $6.95

2015 Holiday Mug Ornament

Now this little guy was a nice surprise in the line up, and is my favorite of the 3. It makes me want to deck the halls.

A ceramic mug featuring a red and white snowflake theme. Hung with a red cord hanger

retail price $6.95

2015 Mug Ornament

2015 Holiday Thermos Ornament

And look it here. A Holiday Thermos ornament….Yes how adorable. Now this made me think of giving this as a gift to a few men in my life and family. They would love this I think. Caribou did a thermos in 2013 and I am still on the hunt. Peet’s has filled that void for now 🙂

A ceramic thermos featuring a gold and white snowflake theme. Hung with a gold cord hanger

retail price $6.95

2015 Thermos

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about Peet’s Coffee and checking out the 2015 List.





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