Starbucks Ornaments 2013

Ok my Starbucks followers…..It’s been awhile since I’ve added any new Starbucks ornaments and was focusing on other Coffee Houses in the last 8 months. But now that 95% are up to date with 2015, it’s time to dive back into Starbucks.  I’m going to keep this list to 2013 because it is fairly large for USA and International releases.

2013 Red To Go Cup

Here it is the yearly red cup ceramic ornament. This year was decorated with Poinsettia, holly and ornaments. This has a red ribbon hanger

retail price $4.95

2013 Red Cup Ornament2


2013 White Create Your Own Cup

Starbucks gave us the option with Create your Own. A White Ceramic mug with etched Siren Logo. Packaged with a gold pen for your creative juices. Hung with a red ribbon hanger

retail price $4.95

2013 Create your Own1


2013 Swarovski To Go Cup

This is the 3rd release since 2010. This years ceramic mug is adorned with red and yellow crystals in various sizes. They showcase all the way around the cup. Hung with a red ribbon hanger and comes in a metallic red box for safe keeping

retail price $49.95

*this was also sold in Asia with no variation in 2013*

2013 2nd Edition Swarovski ToGo Cup2




2013 Hawaii YAH Demi Mug

This is my favorite of this years demi mug releases. I love the color scheme. Showing the islands, palm tree’s and rainbow to depict Hawaii’s Coasts. Aqua glazed interior, hung with an aqua sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 Hawaii Ornament Mug2


2013 Los Angeles YAH Demi Mug

Los Angeles is decorated with the LA Skyline in Orange, Yellows and Greys. Orange glazed interior, hung with an orange sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 Los Angeles Mug YAH


2013 New York City YAH Demi Mug

Being a Jersey girl this one captures my roots and life. It holds a special place in my collection since my family is from NYC. NYC has the most beautiful skyline in the world to me, showing the iconic landmarks Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Washington Square Arch and the classic NYC Taxi

Yellow glazed interior, hung with a yellow sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 NYC Mug Ornament YAH


2013 San Francisco YAH Demi Mug

Good old Red White and Blue colors for San Fran. I love it. Showing San Francisco Bay area with Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Pyramid skyline.

Red glazed interior, hung with a red sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 San Francisco Ornament Mug YAH2


2013 Seattle YAH Demi Mug

Finally Seattle also have the skyline scene showing iconic locations like the Space Needle, a classic cup of coffee front and center and the mountains in the distance.

Blue glazed interior, hung with an aqua sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 Seattle YAH Mug




Starbucks releases ornaments all around the world as most already know. Well they didn’t hold back in 2013 with a total of 4 releases which differ from the USA. However they did sell the Swarovski and Create Your Own without variation so that is actually 6 in total released. The Swarovski and Create your Own are identical to USA so I will exclude them from this list below.

 2013 Red To Go Cup Style 2

This looks very similar to the US version, but the pattern and layout is different in a few ways. This version shows the same pattern as the Gift Card Ornament that was also sold in the US with Holly and Poinsettia. The logo is slightly larger then the US version as well.

This version was sold in Czech Republic, Greece, Japan, Malaysia and Philippines. Czech  sold this with a bag of Christmas Blend and Tumbler in a gift set.

The US Version was sold in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam

2013 Red Cup Asia2   2013 Red Cup Asia                                                          2013 Red Cup Asia Design

Here are a few side by sides for comparison




2013 Pink Melodies To Go Cup

Japan loves pink and this couldn’t have been more suiting as an ornament. Pink, red and white colors, show the Melodies Angel gliding through falling snow flakes. It reminds me of the cherry blossoms that come in early spring.

Hung with a red sateen cord

2013 Japan Holiday Pink Melodies Cup4

2013 Japan Holiday Pink Melodies Cup   2013 Japan Holiday Pink Melodies Cup Side


2013 White Mug w/Snow Flakes and Candy Cane Handle

A new spin on ornaments for this year was the bulbus mug they released with iridescent snow flakes. This is slightly larger than the To Go Cups and slightly heavier.

Hung with a red sateen cord

2013 Japan Holiday White Snowflake Cup Candy Cane


2013 Paper Ball Note Pad Ornament

This was a rare find and sold in a gift pack

This is a gift pack which you can insert a photo and comes with 10 Gift Card holder’s to stuff in stockings or give someone special the entire gift pack. This came with the tiny paper note pad ornament which folds over and velcros to its self to create a ball ornament.

Now I thought Starbucks was creative in 2012 with the paper doves but this takes the cake. I feel like this is the easter egg of Starbucks Ornaments.

2013 Hong Kong Paper Gift Notepad Ornament2013 Hong Kong Paper Gift Notepad2013 Hong Kong Paper Gift Set2013 Hong Kong Paper Gift Envelopes



Well that concludes the 2013 findings for USA and International. From here on out, our releases become longer and longer.  Starbucks has caught onto our collecting market and are taking full advantage by releasing more and more.

Coming up next is 2014 which has a total of 25 yes I said 25!!! 🙂


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