Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Ornament 2005 & 2014

Hey guys…It has been quite sometime since I last posted, but I have been working on sourcing new Coffee House’s that also release holiday ornaments. So keep an eye out, because 2 new brands are coming soon to the site.

In the mean time, I have only ever come across 1 confirmed ornament and 1 secondary for CBTL. I have been very unsuccessful in my search for the last 2 years and corporate was not able to supply any details. If anyone reading this, has or knows of any other years please contact me, I’d love hear about them and add it to the list.

2005 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was looking to redesign their brand and brought on some new staff. Art Director Jessie McAnulty worked on a series of mugs that depicted cute wintery scenes and from what I have gathered is 1 ornament

2005 Skating Snowman Ornament

This tiny little ceramic 1.5oz mug depicts an ice skating snowman on a sunny winter day. The ribbon is red satin but hardly a hanger, although this is tiny ribbon, if you have a tree that does not hold ornaments well, the tiny hanger is helpful in keeping it close to the branch


2014 Bell Wreath Gift Ornament

A lot of companies sell The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift baskets. So I started searching them out, wondering if they would sneak one into any like Starbucks has in the past. Last year I came across one on Walmart that was a set of teas and part of the packaging included a cute silver bells wreath with red ribbon.

I’m considering it a secondary ornament as of now, til I ever come across one to see if it is marked with brand name. It is still an adorable addition if it is meant to be an ornament

Sold for $24.79 on


I haven’t seen any at CBTL this year, but will continue in my search

CBTL does have some nice gifts this year, so head on over and take a peek at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf website for more details

Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more Coffee House ornament’s being listed this weekend 🙂