Dunkin Donuts 2016


So Dunkin Donuts 2016 Ornaments we will be viewing below.  Most of you might think there were only 2. But that would be wrong….Dunkin almost pulled a fast one on me but they released a 3rd style in 3 colors and patterns. Yes it’s true, there are a total of 5 ornaments for 2016. So get ready!!

Besides the delight of coming across the 3 extras, they also thought alot about quality.  As a collector I have a habit of looking for the cleanest lines for hand painted items, and straight decals for mass produced items. Whenever I type about the quality of an ornament, I am refreffing to it’s exterior visibility.  So now I hope you are pleasantly surprised by what your about to see….

2016 Snow Globe To Go Cup


This first ornament is your classic To Go White Cup.  I would have liked it to be a holiday cup, but still creative.

Dunkin created something new, by encasing the exterior with a clear wall, they filled it like a snow globe with water and glitter. I love the thought of this, it’s new and I have never seen anything like it.

This is packaged in a clear box and has a pink satin hanger

I think it was $5.95


2016 Elf on a Shelf

This is something I did not expect to see from any Coffee House. DD Promoting another branded product and having a joint ornament. We all know the Elf on a Shelf, and in this ornament he is sitting with his lovely box of a dozen donuts ready to dive in.

Plastic or Resin with a red satin hanger also packaged and in a clear box

I think this one was $6.95


2016 Gift Card with Gold Pop Snowflake

Now for the rare ones….DD had gift card holder cards with a flat mylar ornament inside. I almost didn’t notice them when I was in the store and then they caught my eye. I wasn’t sure what styles were inside due to only 1 being displayed, but saw 3 different color cards so figured why not get a few of each and see and I was happy I did.

Inside the ornament is a little pack that once broken starts to release CO2 that will fill the ornament for you. They are not throw away either. As of right now mine are still just as full and ready to be displayed in December.  I’m sure they will deflate over time, but only time will tell when

First up is the Grey Card with a Gold Snowflake Ornament

Price $1.99



2016 Gift Card with Navy Pop Snowflake

This one almost looks black but is navy. I love the stick style snowflake

Blue Card with a Navy Snowflake Ornament

Price $1.99


2016 Gift Card with Green Pop with Holly

This is my favorite of the 3 card ornaments. I love the colors theme and it feels the most festive

Red Card with Green and Holly design ornament

Price $1.99


I hope some of the DD fans reading this will be pleasantly surprised by these unique ornaments as I have been 🙂 They may even pop up on Ebay this year!!



Happy Fall Yall


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