Here’s a little about me. I come from a family of collector’s. So naturally I caught the bug early. My collecting started in 1988 with Barbie’s as a little girl. Over the year’s since then I have collected many things.  Some I still collect to this day and other’s I’ve sold off. My new collecting obsession started with Starbucks Ornaments.

After searching high and low online for a full list of what they had sold, I was unsuccessful.  So I had to do it the hard way, lots of searching.  I am still searching for new ornaments to add to my growing list.  After compiling my own personal list of years and products, what better way to share then start my blog. I’m sure many of you have struggled as I have to complete your collection. So I hope this helps you on your collecting journey.


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    • Hello Susan, Thank you for asking because I actually do have extra 2006 & 2007 Cup-O-Cheer mugs. I will gladly sell you my extra. I’m even just noticed the Caribou Photo from the website is not exact to the release. The mug is complete with a red handle not white as in the image. I can send you a photo of you’d like. Send me an email when you get a chance and we can work on getting you your ornament 🙂


  1. hi there. I discovered your blog today and it was great to discover some history on the various release dates. I am a serious Starbucks ornament and gift card collector. I would like to go offline to share some additional details and links to expand your knowledge as well as to discuss some of the items you have that I don’t and was not aware of. I have been creating a catalog as I too found that there was no complete resource of the starbucks ornaments. I hope you will respond to begin talking about this more.

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    • Hi Len…..Thank you for commenting. I’d love to hear from you offline and share our information. I look forward to sharing resources and details. I’m excited to compare our data


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