Dunkin Donuts 2016


So Dunkin Donuts 2016 Ornaments we will be viewing below.  Most of you might think there were only 2. But that would be wrong….Dunkin almost pulled a fast one on me but they released a 3rd style in 3 colors and patterns. Yes it’s true, there are a total of 5 ornaments for 2016. So get ready!!

Besides the delight of coming across the 3 extras, they also thought alot about quality.  As a collector I have a habit of looking for the cleanest lines for hand painted items, and straight decals for mass produced items. Whenever I type about the quality of an ornament, I am refreffing to it’s exterior visibility.  So now I hope you are pleasantly surprised by what your about to see….

2016 Snow Globe To Go Cup


This first ornament is your classic To Go White Cup.  I would have liked it to be a holiday cup, but still creative.

Dunkin created something new, by encasing the exterior with a clear wall, they filled it like a snow globe with water and glitter. I love the thought of this, it’s new and I have never seen anything like it.

This is packaged in a clear box and has a pink satin hanger

I think it was $5.95


2016 Elf on a Shelf

This is something I did not expect to see from any Coffee House. DD Promoting another branded product and having a joint ornament. We all know the Elf on a Shelf, and in this ornament he is sitting with his lovely box of a dozen donuts ready to dive in.

Plastic or Resin with a red satin hanger also packaged and in a clear box

I think this one was $6.95


2016 Gift Card with Gold Pop Snowflake

Now for the rare ones….DD had gift card holder cards with a flat mylar ornament inside. I almost didn’t notice them when I was in the store and then they caught my eye. I wasn’t sure what styles were inside due to only 1 being displayed, but saw 3 different color cards so figured why not get a few of each and see and I was happy I did.

Inside the ornament is a little pack that once broken starts to release CO2 that will fill the ornament for you. They are not throw away either. As of right now mine are still just as full and ready to be displayed in December.  I’m sure they will deflate over time, but only time will tell when

First up is the Grey Card with a Gold Snowflake Ornament

Price $1.99



2016 Gift Card with Navy Pop Snowflake

This one almost looks black but is navy. I love the stick style snowflake

Blue Card with a Navy Snowflake Ornament

Price $1.99


2016 Gift Card with Green Pop with Holly

This is my favorite of the 3 card ornaments. I love the colors theme and it feels the most festive

Red Card with Green and Holly design ornament

Price $1.99


I hope some of the DD fans reading this will be pleasantly surprised by these unique ornaments as I have been 🙂 They may even pop up on Ebay this year!!



Happy Fall Yall


Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2015

Hey there guys….It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’m ready to get back into the Ornaments after relaxing through the winter.

I love what DD released for us in 2015.  We got 2 new styles this year Yeah!!!! And if you were lucky, one of your local stores might have also taken out some left overs from 2014. My local DD did and I was able to scoop up the 2014 Ugly Sweater ornament as well.  I have noticed this from store to store over the last 4 yrs. So sometimes it pays to wait before jumping on Ebay and searching that one you missed.  Just a little note to ones self for 2016 😉  Ok so let’s see what we have….

2015 Dunkin Donuts Sprinkle Ball Ornament

Ok seriously I am through the roof about this ornament, How about you? I think it the best and classiest of ornaments, that DD ever released. It’s a glass ornament filled with rainbow sprinkles.  Seriously who wouldn’t love this beauty. It does say “For Display Only, Not for Consumption” So don’t go trying to eat those tasty looking sprinkles inside.  🙂

This is hung with a grey satin ribbon with bow, with the DD logo pattern

I believe they sold for $5 each


2015 Dunkin Donuts To Go Cup Sleigh

It wouldn’t be Christmas or the Holidays without a To Go Cup ornament. So DD kept the To Go Cup this year, but with a twist.

Tipped on its side and made into a Sleigh that is filled with gifts in classic DD colors. The packaging says Hand Painted – Limited Edition. You will find some a little more refined then others because of the hand painting. This is hung with a silver metallic string

I think this also sold for $5 each


Both 2015 Ornaments were larger in size this year which was nice. I don’t mind the smaller ones but I like the heavier ornaments on a thick tree

I hope you all got your ornaments, especially the Sprinkles Ornament. 🙂

Now what will they think of Nov 2016.

Have a great night everyone



Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2014

So this year’s mix was a pleasant combo. It has a little bit of everything one can love about the holiday’s. So let’s see what 5 styles they gave us this year shall we?

2014 Dunkin Donuts Ball Ornament

Dunkin went with a classic Christmas ball look on this one. I love the pink and white colors. And I especially love the white snowy accents. Dunkin sent me this one when I contacted them about the ornament list.

2014 DD Ball Ornament

2014 Dunkin Donuts To Go Box of Donuts

This ornament is a yummy open box of donuts. Dunkin stayed with the standard box for this ornament. Although I would have liked to seen the Holiday box version on the ornament, this one still makes me smile.  You will find some where the paint job is not the best, so remember to check all images online when bidding or buying.

2014 Open Donut Box Loose  2014 Open Donut Box Back

2014 Ugly Sweater Ornament

This really is an ugly sweater but what an AMAZING Ornament idea. I absolutely love it. A red knit sweater with green knit trim, and embroidered with snowflakes, pines, a Dunkin To Go cup and a snowman head. The green plastic hanger is perfect to hang the sweater on your tree

2014 Ugly Sweater Ornament Loose

2014 Donut Snoman Ornament

This is a mix item ornament, we have a classic coconut donut body, with a coconut munchkin head, and Dunkin colored straws for arms. This Dunkin Snowman is adorned with a black top hat, red and green scarf, and JOY across his tummy. This ornament is hung with a green ribbon and packaged in a clear plastic box

2014 Snowman Ornament

2014 Retro Dunkin Donuts Snowglobe

This ornament is a throw back to the Retro Dinkie Mascot. I love the pink ornament with retro Dinkie inside in his classic pose. It is hard to find one that has the base logo applied correctly. Alot of the times it will be a little tilted but still a great addition to the 2014 collection

2014 Retro DD Snow Globe

This year’s list of 2014 Ornament’s will bring me to end of my Dunkin Donuts post, until the new release of this year’s for 2015. I don’t know about you guys, but I am excited to see what they have in store for us this holiday season.

Happy Hunting Dunkin Lover’s out there!!!

Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2013

2013’s mix of new and previous year ornaments made me very confused in my searches, and boy a headache to boot.

2013 White Ceramic Mug

How cute is this white ceramic mug with the Dunkin logo and blue satin ribbon.

This is a very rare ornament. I have yet to see anyone want to part with one on Ebay. So this one might be worth paying alittle more for. This came packaged in a clear tube with blue base.

2013 DD Retro Mug Ornament2  2013 DD Retro Mug Ornament

2013 Dunkin Store Snow Globe Ornament

The second in the Snow Globe series is lacking in quality compared to the 2012 style. The new store style set inside the globe displayed in it’s neutral tan, brown and orange tones.

It appears these are hand painted because you will find some online which just look a mess. So be careful when bidding to check all the photos closely and try to get one as neat as possible

2013 DD Store Snow Globe Ornament Loose   2013 DD Store Snow Globe Ornament3

2013 Munchkin Box Ornament

This is a plastic molded Munchkin Box that has the America Runs on Dunkin slogan and icons. And Embossed with Dunkin Donuts Logo on the sides with pink ribbon. I wish they would do another Holiday Munchkin Box, finger’s crossed this may be the year 🙂

2013 Munchkin Box Loose    2013 Munchkin Box

They also sold in some locations, the following from previous years:

These were sold as overstock items and put out with the 2013 ornaments in some states

2012 DD Store Snow Globe Ornament2 2010 DD Retro Donut Box Ornament 2010 DD Retro Cup

This concludes the 2013 and some previous year ornaments collection.

One more year to go 2014 coming up next

Happy Hunting Dunkin Lover’s out there!!

Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2011 & 2012

2011 and 2012 were big years for the Ornaments. These are some of the most popular and sought after styles. A lot of them you can find on Ebay, but be careful, some can be very overpriced.

2011 Dunkin Cold Cup Ornament

This cold cup is my DD Favorite.  Made of clear plastic complete with orange straw. One side has Iced Coffee and the other the Dunkin Donuts logo. It has a pink satin ribbon hanger. Packaged in a cardboard open side custom package.

2011 DD Cold Cup Packaged1 2011 DD Cold Cup Packaged2

2012 Chocolate Frosted Sprinkle Donut

The yummy shiny Chocolate Sprinkled Donut looks scrumptious. This is a small plastic donut hung with a pink satin ribbon and decorated with red and green sprinkles. Packaged in clear box

2012 Chocolate Frosted Donut loose   2012 Chocolate Frosted Donut2

2012 Strawberry Frosted Sprinkle Donut

Same as the Chocolate but instead has confetti sprinkles and a cardboard open packaging. I’m on a hunt for this one, but so far no such luck. Hopefully some will pop up this fall on Ebay.

2012 Pink Frosted Donut lose           2012 Pink Frosted Donut

2012 Dunkin Store Snow Globe Ornament

This was the first time a Snow Globe was presented as an ornament from any coffee house. I thought this was a great new ornament idea. Inside the globe we have a DD miniature store. Orange top and base with white Dunkin Donuts logo and pink ribbon.

When you buy these online the glue that holds the top hanger on it can detach.  It can easily be re-attached with bonding agent.

This Snow Globe was also sold in 2013 at some locations. If they had many from the previous year they also sold them the following year!

2012 DD Store Snow Globe Ornament2   2012 DD Store Snow Globe Ornament

2012 “What Are You Drinkin'” To Go Cup

The catch phrase started in 2012 if I remember correctly. This cute little plastic To Go Cup has a clear package that shows the Dunkin Logo and on the other side the phrase “What Are You Drinkin’?” and completed with the pink ribbon

2012 DD To Go What Are You Drinking2   2012 DD To Go Cup What Are You Drinking

2011 & 2012 were the year’s I think the coffee house ornament craze began. People such as myself, started there collections by this time and started to create a demand.

Next up 2013 Ornaments

Happy Hunting Dunkin Lover’s out there!!!

Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2008, 2009 & 2010

2008, 2009 & 2010 ornaments have a nice mix of merchandise. They still were keeping with the 1 ornament a year release but in 2010 they offered up two styles when they brought back Dunkin Retro merchandise.

2008 Holiday To Go Cup

This is the Holiday Cup which they served in stores during the Holidays and showcased it in a tiny ornament version. Made of plastic the cup is decorated with the classic Orange and Pink Dunkin Colors.  One side displays the Happy Holidays message while the other side has the America Runs On Dunkin Icons. You’ll notice that the America icon is switched with a Snowflake. The cup also has Dunkin color snowflakes

Dunkin did it once again with the packaging for this ornament. Perfectly Packaged for stocking stuffer gifts

2008 DD Holiday to go Cup Snowflakes Sides   2008 DD Holiday to go Cup Snowflakes Sides2    

2009 Snowman with Donuts

This snowman was hard for me to find at first, but I am now seeing them pop up on Ebay here and there.  This a heavy little ornament, made of plaster I think. This cute snowman is wearing a pink and orange striped scarf, carrying his favorite holiday box of Dunkin Donuts. This piece is hand painted.

So adorable, When collecting this cute guy try and find one with a good box, and it originally had a clear sticker with black writing on it’s flat backside.

2009 Dunkin Snoman2       2009 Dunkin Snoman Package

2010 Retro Ceramic Mug Ornament

Finally a Dunkin Donuts mug. The Retro Mug is ceramic so it’s got some weight to it.

This mug was also sold up to 2013 at some locations. If they had many from the previous year they also sold them the following years!

2010 DD Retro Cup2  2010 DD Retro Cup

2010 Retro Pink Donut Box Ornament

The Retro Pink Dunkin Donuts dozen box. Ah the days when they used to pack them on there sides. To me that was always the best way, now we have this huge box to take with us when we leave. Sometimes Retro is still best.

Ok so this ornament is the HEAVIEST ornament to date. This box made from plaster I think is sold with a gold wire ring that the pink string is attached too.  Make sure you hang this one in the heaviest branch you have on your tree.

This Donut Box was also sold up to 2013 at some locations. If they had many from the previous year they also sold them the following years!

2010 DD Retro Donut Box Ornament2  2010 DD Retro Donut Box Ornament

I Hope your have enjoyed the ornaments from 2008 to 2010.

Happy Hunting Dunkin Lover’s out there!!!

Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2003, 2006 & 2007

2002, 2004, & 2005 have not turned up anywhere in my hunt. I would think they kept up producing the ornament’s each year, so please if any reader’s are more knowledgeable then I, please let me know, I’d love to fill in some holes.

2003 Holiday Munchkin Box

This was the 1st release of the Munchkin Box ornament. The adorable Munchkin box just makes me happy and it’s not all Dunkin Colors which is rare from all the ornaments I’ve come across.

This is a plastic box complete with a winter’s scene and white ribbon.

One the one side there is the Dunkin Donuts Coffee House and leaving is a jolly Munchkin with his scarf and behind him a happy Munchkin making snow angels. The other side has a group of sleigh riding Munchkins having a good ol time passing an Igloo Dunkin Donuts Coffee House.

On the one edge side you have a Skiing Munchkin, and the other edge has a Munchkin making a snowman.

The Munchkin box’s original packaging is a clear box

2003 Holiday Munchkin Box House side      2003 Holiday Munchkin Box Igloo side

2006 Ceramic To Go Cup

This to go cup has a lot of quality to it. It’s a tiny little glossy cup, with a pink sateen ribbon and it’s got some weight to it, so hang it on a tough branch if you get one.

The packaging is so cute with pink ribbon around the clear box. Perfect stocking stuffer, I like that Dunkin thought of the wrapping for us.

2003 To Go Cup Packaged   2006 To Go Cup Ceramic

2007 Frosted Sprinkle Donut Glass Ornaments in Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla

In 2007 these were sold individually not as a set. This is a lightweight glass ornament. Each has a frosted front and sprinkle top and when flipped over, it is a classic donut underside. I think they could have done alittle better on the sprinkles though

2007 DD Glass Donut Set2        2007 DD Glass Donut Set

I really enjoyed the hunt for these years, so if I happen to be missing ornament’s to this list, please share with me, I’d love to know more.

I hope whoever’s reading this list finds it helpful and next post will be 2008, 2009 & 2010

Happy Hunting Dunkin Lover’s out there!!!

Dunkin Donuts Ornaments 2001

Finally onto a new category.  America’s favorite coffee brand…..DUNKIN DONUTS!!! I did reach out to Dunkin Donuts and it is unfortunate that they do not have a list of when and what ornaments they sold or when they started. But I did score some great freebies from them and even 1 ornament from this past Christmas. Customer Service at Dunkin Donuts is superb!!

So after alot of searching, asking, and investigating, It seems they started around 2001.

2001 Dunkin released atleast 2 Ornament Styles with 2 Separate Designs. This was either a Manufacturing error, or 2 design’s of each style’s were sold in separate country’s or locations across the US.

2001 To Go Dunkin Holiday Box with Dark Green Ribbon

The first style I came across was the Mini To Go Holiday Box with the Dark Green ribbon

This box has a bold green ribbon and the logo appears to be bolder then the next style

UPDATE: I previously had in this post (This box has a double ribbon tail on the left) this was a mistake, this image was offset when printing was done in manufacturing!

2001 DD Holiday Donut Box Dk Gn Ribbon

2001 To Go Dunkin Holiday Box with Light Green Ribbon

When I came across the light green, I just figured it was a different color string.  Then realized that this one has a lighter logo and the green ribbon is more defined graphically

2001 DD Holiday Donut Box Lt Gn Ribbon

2001 To Go Holiday Cup with Dark Green Ribbon

I just love this ornament and was so amazed that this cup also came in 2 styles. The difference is very noticeable on these two. Large Dunkin Donuts logo, a large high bow around the cup and right below the web address “Visit us at http://www.DunkinDonuts.com.

The lid does come off!!

I just came across some of this one online with the light green string. This could be a 3rd possibility but will wait for Christmas time to see what pops up online and do some more research on it.

2001 DD Holiday To Go Cup Dk Gn Ribbon

2001 To Go Holiday Cup with Light Green Ribbon

This second style has a thinner and tinnier green bow around it, with the web address now above it and under a smaller Dunkin Donuts logo that says “Discover Great Coffee at http://www.DunkinDonuts.com

2001 DD Holiday to go Cup Lt Gn Ribbon

If you know of any other styles this year, I’d love to hear about them and see them, so please share if you do

Stay tuned for 2003’s list. I was unsuccessful in finding any from 2002. Again if you have any info I’d love to hear and see them.

Happy hunting

Hello World!

Welcome to Coffee House Collectibles.  I started collecting Starbucks Ornaments, and was unable to find a list anywhere. So I figured why not start my own and help those out there like me looking to complete a collection, or find a rare piece. So here I am. I will be compiling lists for coffee houses such as Caribou Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, Peet’s Coffee, Seattle’s Best, Starbucks, and Tim Horton’s.  So stay tuned for future post coming soon.