Gloria Jean’s Coffee Ornament 2015

Happy New Year!!! Where did 2015 go.  I started my Coffee House Collectible’s search in Nov 2014 and I have already posted almost 75% of my findings. I just couldn’t wait to share them with those looking for these lovely little ornaments, like myself I guess.

I felt like I hit the lottery this year to be honest…One of my co-worker’s was traveling home to Australia for Christmas and New Year’s. So I was so excited when she gladly accepted to grab me the 2015 Gloria Jean’s Coffee Ornament. She almost didn’t want to give me it because she loved it so much.

So here she is.

2015 Ceramic Holiday To Go Cup

Seated in a red box this little Be Merry Ceramic Holiday To Go Cup ornament is even better looking in person.

Red Cup with a green Be Merry adorned with a light green tree. In the circle it says -SERVING UP- Warm Wishes. It repeats the warm wishes saying and another tree and on the back the white Gloria Jean’s Logo. Hung with a red satin hanger

This sell’s in Australia only still for $10.95 each.

I was hoping that Gloria Jean’s Coffee in the US would start but no such luck.


Have a Healthy and Happy New Year everyone. More Starbucks coming soon


Gloria Jean’s Ornament 2012, 2013 & 2014

When I started searching for Gloria Jean’s Coffee Ornament’s I was really unsure if I would even find 1. But I did, and I’m not 100% sure they were ever sold in the USA. I did find more information from Australia blogs and Gloria Jean’s Coffee Australia site.

I contacted Gloria Jean’s Coffee and I did not receive a reply. I really thought I would get great information from them directly. So I was disappointed they did not acknowledge my Coffee House Ornament journey. But that’s alright, I like a good challenge. They did one ornament each year from what I’ve seen. So here we go….

Update: 11/21/2015: **If anyone has an extra one they are looking to get rid of, please contact me, I’d be interested**

2012 Ceramic Holiday To Go Cup

This was the only image online I could find and it was published in 2012, so I am assuming this is the first. It appears to be a ceramic ornament as in the next 2 years. It is a little plain but it is non the less cute with it’s white twinkling stars.

2013 Fair Isle Holiday Dove To Go Cup

How adorable is this ceramic mug. The holiday’s don’t feel complete without Fair Isle flare. Gloria Jean’s did another ceramic mug this year and it the classic red.


2014 Friendship Holiday To Go Cup

This Christmas, the limited edition ornament was colored in red yet again with beautiful script featuring the words “Friendship” and “Celebrate the sharing season”. This festive ornament is the perfect gift for your coffee loving best friend.

2014 GJ Red To Go Cup Ornament

All 3 years they were all packaged in a solid red box shown in 2013’s photo. They all seemed to price at $9.95 each. I’m hoping to get one for 2015 this year and start collecting this brand as well.