Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Ornament 2005 & 2014

Hey guys…It has been quite sometime since I last posted, but I have been working on sourcing new Coffee House’s that also release holiday ornaments. So keep an eye out, because 2 new brands are coming soon to the site.

In the mean time, I have only ever come across 1 confirmed ornament and 1 secondary for CBTL. I have been very unsuccessful in my search for the last 2 years and corporate was not able to supply any details. If anyone reading this, has or knows of any other years please contact me, I’d love hear about them and add it to the list.

2005 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was looking to redesign their brand and brought on some new staff. Art Director Jessie McAnulty worked on a series of mugs that depicted cute wintery scenes and from what I have gathered is 1 ornament

2005 Skating Snowman Ornament

This tiny little ceramic 1.5oz mug depicts an ice skating snowman on a sunny winter day. The ribbon is red satin but hardly a hanger, although this is tiny ribbon, if you have a tree that does not hold ornaments well, the tiny hanger is helpful in keeping it close to the branch


2014 Bell Wreath Gift Ornament

A lot of companies sell The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift baskets. So I started searching them out, wondering if they would sneak one into any like Starbucks has in the past. Last year I came across one on Walmart that was a set of teas and part of the packaging included a cute silver bells wreath with red ribbon.

I’m considering it a secondary ornament as of now, til I ever come across one to see if it is marked with brand name. It is still an adorable addition if it is meant to be an ornament

Sold for $24.79 on


I haven’t seen any at CBTL this year, but will continue in my search

CBTL does have some nice gifts this year, so head on over and take a peek at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf website for more details

Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more Coffee House ornament’s being listed this weekend 🙂


Starbucks Ornament’s 2004 & 2005

Hey everyone….2004 kicked off the Ceramic To Go Cup ornaments. The first To Go Cup was in 1999 and it was a plastic White To Go Cup.

The craze all starts here….

2004 Red Holiday To Go Cup

This year Starbucks kept it simple and classic. This is a ceramic cup with white snow flakes and a bright red bow under the Siren logo. Complete with a red satin hanger

This is the second To Go Cup that was released,But it is the first Holiday To Go Cup ornament. And I think it was perfectly merry.

This came packaged in a clear box with a red satin bow

2004 Ornament Red To Go cup1

2004 Ornament Red To Go cup3

2004 White To Go Cup

This is also a ceramic cup. The same as the in-store style to go cup’s at that time and featured a small logo. Complete with a red satin hanger

This also came packaged in a clear box and a red satin bow

2004 White To Go Cup Ornament

2004 White To Go Cup Ornament Small Logo


2005 Cup and Saucer Ornament

This ceramic Wish*Joy*Love Cup and Saucer is just charming. Around the outer rim, the classic holiday emotions of WISH*JOY*LOVE.

This was packaged in a festive holiday box that also captures the words and adorned with a red satin bow

2005 Ornament Cup and Saucer Mug

2005 Ornament Cup and Saucer


2005 Red Holiday To Go Cup

Starbucks stuck with the Red Holiday Cups from here on out.

This is again a ceramic cup adorned in the 2005 Slogan {It Only Happen’s Once A Year}. The cup is also filled with lots of holiday cheer. 

The top is hung with Christmas lights and the back hide’s a stuffed to the brim checkered stocking.

This also came packaged in a festive clear box and the classic red satin bow



Update 4/24/2018 – 1st International Snow Globe Ornament Release in Japan found

2005 Santa Train Snow Globe Ornament

This year I think I have finally come across what I believe to be the 1st Snow Globe ornament from Japan. I recently acquired this from a friend in Japan and was excited to see that this is a better quality version to the 2012 Santa Train ornament. Not only is the paint neater, but had a bit for eye for detail. This came in the red Santa Train box that came with chocolate coins just like the 2012 version did

These are the noticeable differences that separates the two

  1. Hand painted detail more refined in 2005 then 2012
  2. 2005 Santa is a bigger and has better features then 2012
  3. Back of train says Starbucks Coffee on 2005 where Coffee is omitted from 2012 and appears to be scratched off the original mold
  4. 2005 train is a tad larger then the 2012 cast mold
  5. Bottom text is neat and cleaner on 2005 then 2012

Happy Hunting my fellow collectors, this one is a rare gem to find and I put this in the Ultra Rare HTF category!


Get Ready because up next is 2006.  That is the year the Architect Series ornament’s arrived and Starbucks did a Holiday Catalog and a ton of variety.

I hope everyone here in the US has a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!!

From Mine to Yours!!

Caribou Coffee Ornaments and Collectibles 2005-2009

Let me show you 2005 thru 2009 Caribou Coffee Ornaments.  They really have some of the cutest I’ve ever seen. Each year they have a lot of handcrafted items.

Caribou Coffee Ornaments are hard to find, I’m always on the hunt for them, especially the mini mugs

The ornaments started in store around 2005. I have contacted Caribou Coffee and they were unable to tell me when the first issue was, which I was a bit surprised by.  So off a searching I went.

2005 Cup-O-Cheer Mini Mug with ‘Bou Flake

This seems to be the first release for Caribou Coffee. I have not seen or heard of any previous to 2005. This is a white ceramic mini mug with a’Bou Flake. Referencing the snowflake made up of 6 Caribou heads if you look closely. Red satin hanger

White Mini Mug with 'Bou Flake


2006 Cup-O-Cheer Red Mini Mug

This festive red ceramic mini mug is adorned with white leaping caribou and snowflakes. The website has it listed as having a white handle, but from what I have seen and confirmed the final design was done in all red as shown in the 2nd photo with the 2007 mini mug

Retail price: unknown

2006 Cup-O-Cheer Mug Image

2006 Red Cup-O-Cheer Mini Mug



2006 Sled Caribou Card Holder Ornament

What better way then to present a Caribou Card? But on a Sled Ornament. I love when a gift card holder is also an ornament. This extremely rare and hard to find.

Retail price: unknown


2007 Cup-O-Cheer White Mini Mug

Classic Caribou logo ceramic white mini mug with red satin hanger

Retail price: unknown

2007 Mini Cup-O-Cheer Mug Ornament Image

2008 Cup-O-Cheer Red Mini Mug

Red ceramic mini mug adorned with snowflake ornaments and circles.

Retail price: unknown

2008 Cup-O-Cheer Mini Mug

This image gives you a good idea of how tiny these little mugs are

Mini Mug Size

***UPDATE 12/5/2016***

2008 Knit Ornament Ball

I recently purchased these on Ebay knowing I could get to the bottom of what year they were released. After being in touch with my contacts at Mosquito Inc, I have confirmed the date of release is 2008/2009 holiday season. Let me tell you, this company really knows how to reach into the minds of consumers and know what they expect of a brand and a company. Their quality is superb and the designs are gorgeous.

I hope Caribou continues to work with Mosquito Inc in the years to come, because they do not disappoint.  Take a look at the 2011 & 2016 they were also responsible for design and manufacturing of each.

This is a styrofoam ball covered in a red, yellow, and orange knit sweater pattern with yellow knit hanger. It’s a fun cheery ornament although it is quite large as you can see in my tree photo next to an average sized glass ball.

Retail price is unknown at the moment, but I will be sure to update this post if I happen to find out

2008 Stuffed Knit Owl 

I have had this owl in my unknown list for the last 2 years. So when I saw the Knit Ball, I knew they belonged together. I was relieved to finally find this darling owl its right place in the list.

He is stuffed in the same red, yellow, and orange knit sweater pattern but with a red knit hanger. 2 button eyes and adorable orange feet.

Retail price is also unknown at the moment. If you have one and recall the price, please contact me or comment below to let us all know thank you

2009 Cup-O-Cheer Blue Mini Mug

Blue red and white ceramic mini mug with cute critter theme

From what I’ve gathered this seems to be the last of the Cup-O-Cheer Mini Mugs. They doubled in size from here out

Retail price: unknown

2009 Cup-O-Cheer Mug Image

Out of all the items in 2005-2009, These Ornaments I think are the most collectible. Because they are so small and repurposed like the gift card holder, they can easily be lost and discarded if not knowing what it is.

I hope you have found this list helpful so Happy Collecting