Tim Hortons Ornaments 2009-2016

Hey guys…..So it has been quite a while since my last post. In that time I have had to move and also go through the motions of a parent being diagnosed with cancer, so needless to say I lost my focus for a bit.

However the holidays are creeping upon us ever so quickly and realized I have not added any posts for Tim Hortons.  If you have never heard of them, they are a Canadian Coffee and Bake Shop that was founded in 1964 by Hockey Player Tim Horton and Jim Charade. In 2014 Burger King purchased Tim Hortons so hopefully they don’t ruin this authentic long standing chain’s Canadian vibe

Tim Hortons is known for it’s Coffee and Donuts and they have there very own donut holes called Timbits. They do have multinational locations from USA, UK, Philippines and Middle East. So keep an eye out and check around the holidays they have cute ornaments.

So let’s see what is on the menu for all the Tim Horton’s Ornaments from 2009-2016.

Maurice at Tim Horton’s sent me a full list of all the Holiday Merchandise from 2001-2015 and the first ornament to appear was in 2009.

2009 Coffee Pot Ornament

The theme for 2009 was “Every Cup Has a Story” so naturally if your holiday merchandise is a mug, then you must have an ornament that is a coffee pot right?

First let me just say that Tim Hortons did not skimp on quality on this ornament.  On this ornament that is 3/4 full with what appears to be coffee inside, is there logo and marked for 12:25. Just like they do in the stores so that you know what time that pot was brewed. why don’t all coffee houses do this? That would be so nice to see.

This is packaged in an open face box and has a satin red hanger

Price Unknown

2009 Mini Coffee Pot Ornament2      2009 Mini Coffee Pot Ornament

2009 Employee Exclusive Ornament

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this exclusive ornament from an ex-employee. What a great idea and actually makes this one very collectible due to it’s limited numbers produced since not sold in stores.

This is a glass engraved ornaments with gold hanger and comes in a black box.

“It’s a beaut clark!!!”


2010 Take Out Mug

The following year Tim’s took the To Go Cup ornament route and this couldn’t have been created better.

It is ceramic with holiday red tones and the classic Tim Hortons Logo and has a red satin cordage. This came packages in a red box. Box is printed with 2009 but sold in 2010 confirmed by Maurice in customer service

price unknown

2011 In Rest White Mug

In 2011 Tim’s released 2 ornaments. The first is what they call the In Rest Mug.

This mug is porcelain I think with what looks like rippling coffee and red satin hanger mine is currently packed away. The coffee looks so realistic

Price Unknown

2011 Timbit Snowman

How adorable something I always wished DD had done but hasn’t.

This is a resin 3 Timbit Snowman that is made up of chocolate base, glazed middle and powdered head. Complete with red striped scarf and the Timbits logo

Price Unknown

2011 Timbits Snowman Ornament.jpg

2012 Sledding Timbit

Tim’s went ahead and released 2 again in 2012 which I’m sure the customers were excited about since the previous year was so unique and adorable.

This single Timbit on a sled getting ready for a wild ride. This ornament has a few textures on it’s design, from the glazed goggles and snow hat, to the wooden matte painted sled and the sparkly snow underneath.

Price Unknown

2012 Cafe & Bake Store

Tim’s moved away from the coffee and Timbit theme and came up with a store release.

This is mini lit store during winter with a Snowman leaving while on his run for coffee. Hand-painted resin, glittering snow and hung with a red satin cord

Now as much as enjoy this mini store replica, I’m really disappointed in it’s quality. Not sure who they chose to make this version but I would have asked them for a redo. None the less it is still an adorable piece in the collection

Price Unknown

2012 Mini Restaurant Ornament2

2013 Holiday To Go Cup Version 1

This year Tim’s I think went back to the original manufacturer because the quality is back up

A ceramic to go cup depicting boys having a game of hockey on the pond as the girls sleigh-ride and make a snowman on the other side. Complete with a black flip top lid

Version 1 has no striping behind the Tim Hortons Logo, has French language and Cafe on bottom

2013 Holiday To Go Cup Version 2

Same as above but Version 2 has a different Tim Hortons Logo and says Cafe & Bake Shop. This might have been the US Version but I have not been able to confirm this

Price Unknown

2013 Holiday To Go Cup

2014 Timbit 20pk Box

Yeah another Timbits ornament. That is something else Tim’s does very well, they make the packaging just as attractive and festive

This is a plastic decal’d Timbits Box hung with a red satin cord

Price Unknown

2015 Snow Globe Ornament

I have a thing for Starbucks snow globes and I was thrilled with this little Tim Hortons release. This is another high quality ornament from Tim’s

Glass Snow Globe with Plastic Base, depicting  a brick and mortar Tim Horton’s Store

Price Unknown

2015 Tim Hortons Snowglobe Ornament

2016 Coffee Sack Ornament

This brings us to the last of the list for now, but in a few months we will see what is in store for 2017.  Last year I think Tim’s really missed the mark most of all. So I’m hoping they redeem themselves this year.

Resin burlap coffee sack filled to the top and over flowing with coffee beans. with a red satin ribbon hanger

This is still an adorable ornament, but I know that Tim’s could have done a lot better.

Price Unknown

2016 Tim Hortons Ornament2016 Tim Hortons Ornament2


I hope you have enjoyed this full post of Tim Horton’s Ornaments. I can’t wait to see what they plan for 2017.

Happy Fall

Caribou Coffee Ornaments and Collectibles 2005-2009

Let me show you 2005 thru 2009 Caribou Coffee Ornaments.  They really have some of the cutest I’ve ever seen. Each year they have a lot of handcrafted items.

Caribou Coffee Ornaments are hard to find, I’m always on the hunt for them, especially the mini mugs

The ornaments started in store around 2005. I have contacted Caribou Coffee and they were unable to tell me when the first issue was, which I was a bit surprised by.  So off a searching I went.

2005 Cup-O-Cheer Mini Mug with ‘Bou Flake

This seems to be the first release for Caribou Coffee. I have not seen or heard of any previous to 2005. This is a white ceramic mini mug with a’Bou Flake. Referencing the snowflake made up of 6 Caribou heads if you look closely. Red satin hanger

White Mini Mug with 'Bou Flake


2006 Cup-O-Cheer Red Mini Mug

This festive red ceramic mini mug is adorned with white leaping caribou and snowflakes. The website has it listed as having a white handle, but from what I have seen and confirmed the final design was done in all red as shown in the 2nd photo with the 2007 mini mug

Retail price: unknown

2006 Cup-O-Cheer Mug Image

2006 Red Cup-O-Cheer Mini Mug



2006 Sled Caribou Card Holder Ornament

What better way then to present a Caribou Card? But on a Sled Ornament. I love when a gift card holder is also an ornament. This extremely rare and hard to find.

Retail price: unknown


2007 Cup-O-Cheer White Mini Mug

Classic Caribou logo ceramic white mini mug with red satin hanger

Retail price: unknown

2007 Mini Cup-O-Cheer Mug Ornament Image

2008 Cup-O-Cheer Red Mini Mug

Red ceramic mini mug adorned with snowflake ornaments and circles.

Retail price: unknown

2008 Cup-O-Cheer Mini Mug

This image gives you a good idea of how tiny these little mugs are

Mini Mug Size

***UPDATE 12/5/2016***

2008 Knit Ornament Ball

I recently purchased these on Ebay knowing I could get to the bottom of what year they were released. After being in touch with my contacts at Mosquito Inc, I have confirmed the date of release is 2008/2009 holiday season. Let me tell you, this company really knows how to reach into the minds of consumers and know what they expect of a brand and a company. Their quality is superb and the designs are gorgeous.

I hope Caribou continues to work with Mosquito Inc in the years to come, because they do not disappoint.  Take a look at the 2011 & 2016 they were also responsible for design and manufacturing of each.

This is a styrofoam ball covered in a red, yellow, and orange knit sweater pattern with yellow knit hanger. It’s a fun cheery ornament although it is quite large as you can see in my tree photo next to an average sized glass ball.

Retail price is unknown at the moment, but I will be sure to update this post if I happen to find out

2008 Stuffed Knit Owl 

I have had this owl in my unknown list for the last 2 years. So when I saw the Knit Ball, I knew they belonged together. I was relieved to finally find this darling owl its right place in the list.

He is stuffed in the same red, yellow, and orange knit sweater pattern but with a red knit hanger. 2 button eyes and adorable orange feet.

Retail price is also unknown at the moment. If you have one and recall the price, please contact me or comment below to let us all know thank you

2009 Cup-O-Cheer Blue Mini Mug

Blue red and white ceramic mini mug with cute critter theme

From what I’ve gathered this seems to be the last of the Cup-O-Cheer Mini Mugs. They doubled in size from here out

Retail price: unknown

2009 Cup-O-Cheer Mug Image

Out of all the items in 2005-2009, These Ornaments I think are the most collectible. Because they are so small and repurposed like the gift card holder, they can easily be lost and discarded if not knowing what it is.

I hope you have found this list helpful so Happy Collecting