Starbucks Ornaments 2013

Ok my Starbucks followers…..It’s been awhile since I’ve added any new Starbucks ornaments and was focusing on other Coffee Houses in the last 8 months. But now that 95% are up to date with 2015, it’s time to dive back into Starbucks.  I’m going to keep this list to 2013 because it is fairly large for USA and International releases.

2013 Red To Go Cup

Here it is the yearly red cup ceramic ornament. This year was decorated with Poinsettia, holly and ornaments. This has a red ribbon hanger

retail price $4.95

2013 Red Cup Ornament2


2013 White Create Your Own Cup

Starbucks gave us the option with Create your Own. A White Ceramic mug with etched Siren Logo. Packaged with a gold pen for your creative juices. Hung with a red ribbon hanger

retail price $4.95

2013 Create your Own1


2013 Swarovski To Go Cup

This is the 3rd release since 2010. This years ceramic mug is adorned with red and yellow crystals in various sizes. They showcase all the way around the cup. Hung with a red ribbon hanger and comes in a metallic red box for safe keeping

retail price $49.95

*this was also sold in Asia with no variation in 2013*

2013 2nd Edition Swarovski ToGo Cup2




2013 Hawaii YAH Demi Mug

This is my favorite of this years demi mug releases. I love the color scheme. Showing the islands, palm tree’s and rainbow to depict Hawaii’s Coasts. Aqua glazed interior, hung with an aqua sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 Hawaii Ornament Mug2


2013 Los Angeles YAH Demi Mug

Los Angeles is decorated with the LA Skyline in Orange, Yellows and Greys. Orange glazed interior, hung with an orange sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 Los Angeles Mug YAH


2013 New York City YAH Demi Mug

Being a Jersey girl this one captures my roots and life. It holds a special place in my collection since my family is from NYC. NYC has the most beautiful skyline in the world to me, showing the iconic landmarks Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Washington Square Arch and the classic NYC Taxi

Yellow glazed interior, hung with a yellow sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 NYC Mug Ornament YAH


2013 San Francisco YAH Demi Mug

Good old Red White and Blue colors for San Fran. I love it. Showing San Francisco Bay area with Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Pyramid skyline.

Red glazed interior, hung with a red sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 San Francisco Ornament Mug YAH2


2013 Seattle YAH Demi Mug

Finally Seattle also have the skyline scene showing iconic locations like the Space Needle, a classic cup of coffee front and center and the mountains in the distance.

Blue glazed interior, hung with an aqua sateen cord

retail price $6.95

2013 Seattle YAH Mug




Starbucks releases ornaments all around the world as most already know. Well they didn’t hold back in 2013 with a total of 4 releases which differ from the USA. However they did sell the Swarovski and Create Your Own without variation so that is actually 6 in total released. The Swarovski and Create your Own are identical to USA so I will exclude them from this list below.

 2013 Red To Go Cup Style 2

This looks very similar to the US version, but the pattern and layout is different in a few ways. This version shows the same pattern as the Gift Card Ornament that was also sold in the US with Holly and Poinsettia. The logo is slightly larger then the US version as well.

This version was sold in Czech Republic, Greece, Japan, Malaysia and Philippines. Czech  sold this with a bag of Christmas Blend and Tumbler in a gift set.

The US Version was sold in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam

2013 Red Cup Asia2   2013 Red Cup Asia                                                          2013 Red Cup Asia Design

Here are a few side by sides for comparison




2013 Pink Melodies To Go Cup

Japan loves pink and this couldn’t have been more suiting as an ornament. Pink, red and white colors, show the Melodies Angel gliding through falling snow flakes. It reminds me of the cherry blossoms that come in early spring.

Hung with a red sateen cord

2013 Japan Holiday Pink Melodies Cup4

2013 Japan Holiday Pink Melodies Cup   2013 Japan Holiday Pink Melodies Cup Side


2013 White Mug w/Snow Flakes and Candy Cane Handle

A new spin on ornaments for this year was the bulbus mug they released with iridescent snow flakes. This is slightly larger than the To Go Cups and slightly heavier.

Hung with a red sateen cord

2013 Japan Holiday White Snowflake Cup Candy Cane


2013 Paper Ball Note Pad Ornament

This was a rare find and sold in a gift pack

This is a gift pack which you can insert a photo and comes with 10 Gift Card holder’s to stuff in stockings or give someone special the entire gift pack. This came with the tiny paper note pad ornament which folds over and velcros to its self to create a ball ornament.

Now I thought Starbucks was creative in 2012 with the paper doves but this takes the cake. I feel like this is the easter egg of Starbucks Ornaments.

2013 Hong Kong Paper Gift Notepad Ornament2013 Hong Kong Paper Gift Notepad2013 Hong Kong Paper Gift Set2013 Hong Kong Paper Gift Envelopes



Well that concludes the 2013 findings for USA and International. From here on out, our releases become longer and longer.  Starbucks has caught onto our collecting market and are taking full advantage by releasing more and more.

Coming up next is 2014 which has a total of 25 yes I said 25!!! 🙂


Starbucks Ornaments 2011 & 2012

BLIZZARD 2016 is here in New Jersey. It has been such a mild winter I can’t believe this is the first one of the season. I’ve got 12″ outside and the Jersey Shore is flooding. I hope any reader’s out there on the East Coast who are in the storm stay safe through tomorrow.

What better way to begin this weekend with a new post for Starbucks 2011 & 2012 while snowed in. So here we go….

2011 Boy and his Dog Sledding Red To Go Cup

Starbucks released the classic red cup ornament in 2011 themed with the Boy and his Dog Sledding scene. 2011 was the “Let’s Merry”, “Let’s gather with good friends” and “Let’s rediscover why we’re best friends” tag lines.

This is a ceramic cup with a red satin hanger. This was also sold in this years 4 pack. They were exactly the same style, no variation

This sold for $4.95

International Notation: This was also sold in Asia and the only difference is that the 2011 USA Version has TM/CM next to the Siren Logo and the Asia Version has only TM

2011 Sleigh Ride To Go Cup

2011 Siren To Go Cups 4 Pack

As us fans know, the Siren has been the muse of Starbucks. This 4 pack comes with a 1971 Original Siren Logo Brown, 1992 Green and Black Siren Starbucks Coffee Logo, 2011 Green Siren Logo removal of words, and the 2011 Holiday “A Boy and his Dog sledding” ornament.

This was a great way to showcase the changes Siren has gone through over the years. My favorite has to be the current logo and my second is the original.

Sold for $11.95

2011 4 pack set

2011 White Siren Demitasse Mug

This is a 3 oz ceramic white large Siren logo mug. This was the first demitasse size mug that was sold as an ornament I think. The Siren really stands out. Comes with a dark green satin hanger

Sold for $4.95

2011 White Siren Mup Ornament

2011 Blue Plush Bird

Starbucks released 3 lovable fabric characters as well. This is an adorable plush bird ornament. One of the characters featured in 2011’s holiday designs. Hung with a light green satin ribbon

Sold for $3.95

2011 Fabric Bird Ornament2

2011 Purple Plush Fox

This fox is too cute, 2 tone purple with white accents. He was made of felt material and not as soft as the blue bird. Hung with a light green satin ribbon

Sold for $3.95

2011 Fabric Fox Ornament

2011 Red Plush Reindeer

I love the over exaggeration on the antlers. This little guy is made of felt material and hung with a green satin ribbon

Sold for $3.95

2011 Fabric Deer Ornament

2012 Snowman Red To Go Cup

This was the year to Rekindle. Back again are some familiar characters. This years red cup featured a winking snowman with small Siren logo. This is a ceramic cup with red ribbon hanger

Sold for $4.95

2012 Holiday To Go Cup Snowman

2012 Gold To Go Cup

We got a treat in 2012 with this fresh new To Go Cup. This looks great on the tree shimmering against the lights. This is a Gold Metallic Ceramic mug with Starbucks in white down the side and no Siren Logo. Hung with a white ribbon

Sold for $4.95

2012 Gold To Go Cup


2012 Nutcracker Set 3pc

Who doesn’t love the Nutcracker. It reminds me of going into NYC to see the Christmas Spectacular every year. I scooped it right up first before any others in 2012

3 White and Gold Ceramic ornaments. The Nutcracker, The Fox and a Snowman. All hung with white satin ribbon

Sold for $14.95

2012 Nutcracker Ornament Set Glass

2012 Swarovski White To Go Cup

partnering with Swarovski was a great idea. This cup is amazing.  They are not easy to come by and in 2015, one sold on Ebay for over $600.

White ceramic mug encrusted with tons of Swarovski Crystals in various sizes. Shimmers and Sparkles against the tree lights. So gorgeous.  GlamBucks!!

Hung with white ribbon and came in a gold box

Sold for $44.95

2012 1st Edition Swarovski ToGo Cup

2012 Gift Card Holder with White Dove Cut Out

The cardboard gift holder was a new way of giving 2 for 1 gifts.  White cardboard Dove with red satin hanger

This sold for $4.95

2012 Gift Card Holder w White Dove Cut Out USA

2012 Dove Cut Out Ornament USA White Finished

                  2012 International Releases

2012 Green Tea Siren Mug – Asia/Philippines

I acquired mine from a gentlemen in the Philippines.

This a white ceramic mug with Siren log.


2012 Train Topped Snow Globe w/Santa – Asia

I love that this one has Santa on board. This is rare in the fact that this does not scream Starbucks or Coffee in any way. I purchased mine from Taiwan.  He came in a gift page with chocolate coin candies. I wish they would sell the snow globe ornaments here, that would make my year

It’s a resin train, topped by a glass snow globe with Santa delivering presents. Has a gold hanger



2012  Gift Card Holder with Blue Dove Cut Out – Asia

I purchased mine from South Korea.  These were similar to the US version, except in 2 different colors.

This one is a Blue cardboard Dove cut out with red satin ribbon hanger

2012 Gift Card Holder w Blue Dove Cut Out Korea-32012 Dove Cut Out Ornament Korea Blue Finished


2012  Gift Card Holder with Red Dove Cut Out – Asia

This 2nd version from South Korea I purchased is a Red cardboard Dove cut out

2012 Dove Cut Out Ornament Korea Red-2


2012 Fabric Promo Ornaments from Japan

Japan also released a series of 6 Fabric Ornament’s which were illustrations from the Red Holiday Cups and Ornaments.

  • Red Fox with Scarf
  • Snowman with Red Scarf
  • Skating Male with Gold Scarf
  • Skating Female with Gold Scarf
  • Mouse with Gift
  • 3 Stacked Gifts with a Red Bird

2010 Starbucks Fabric Ornament


Well that concludes the 2011 & 2012 Ornaments, I guess I should head out and do some more shoveling.  WHEN WILL IT STOP!!!  I say I have about a Foot and Half and more to come.

Stay warm my friends and after shoveling I’m coming in and making a nice hot cup of Veranda Blonde….mmmmmm

Starbucks Ornament’s 2008, 2009 & 2010

Happy Friday readers and collector’s out there. Hope everyone is ready for the weekend, cause I know I sure am!!!

This entry I wanted to give a little extra in the spirit of gift giving season 🙂 I’ll be giving all 2008, 2009 & 2010 as well some adorable Japan released ornament’s.

***UPDATE 2/20/2016: I have recently confirmed that the 2010 Japan Fabric Ornament’s were actually sold in 2012 not 2010. I have moved the details to the 2012 list***

I already started adding international releases to my fast growing collection. I’m a bit obsessed I’ll admit it. So let’s see what we got and get right to it shall we…..

2008 Red Holiday To Go Cup

The 2008 Red Cup theme was a forest of woodland animals. On the right side there is a dove, and on the back a stag and all about the cup are snowflakes and tiny tree’s. This ceramic cup was packaged in a sturdy reusable cardboard carton. Red satin hanger. Sold for $4.95

2008 To Go Holiday Cup

2008 White To Go Cup w/Sleeve

This cup represent’s the same as sold in store. Starbucks started the Recycle Program this year. This sleeve had a Coffee Tree silhouette printed on it. I love that they added that to the White cup design in ornament form since a few white cup’s were already released in 2004 & 2007. I think this is my favorite of all year White cups.

This ceramic cup was also packaged in a sturdy reusable cardboard carton. Green satin hanger Sold for $4.95

2008 To Go Cup with Sleeve

2008 Small Fabric Bird and Reindeer Ornaments

The Fabric ornament’s were a nice addition to the ceramic’s. These also complimented the Red Cup woodland animal scene. They released a Red Multi-Fabric Bird and a Brown Multi-Fabric Reindeer. I do also know the Reindeer was sold in Japan. It was exactly the same with the only variation, is the Japan price tag attached to the tag.

Both sold for $4.95 each in the US


Japan Reindeer

2008 Barista Snow Globe Red Cup Japan

This is from of the Starbucks Collectible Miniature’s, but it always comes up in the Ornament sections I notice when searching.This was sold in Japan.  This is a mini Red Mug topped with a Snow Globe and inside is a Barista in an upside down tree with a Candy Cane. The handle has Starbucks in white on it and no marking’s on the base.

2008 Japan Snowglobe Mug2

 2009 Plastic Cold Cup Ornament, 1st Edition

This adorable little cold cup is a favorite of us all in the summer. This is an exact replica of the in store Cold Cups. It is so cute and the first of many to come. This is a Plastic Cup with a Flat Top, and No Straw ornament. Hung with a green satin ribbon. Sold for $4.95

2009 Cold Cup No Straw Ornament

2009 Red Holiday To Go Cup

The festive 2009 ceramic Red Cup features Christmas Ornament’s with words of the season. There is a Star that says WISH, a Mitten that says LOVE, and a ball that says HOPE. Red satin hanger, Sold for $4.95

2009 To Go Holiday Cup

Update 4/9/2016: 

2009 Snow Globe Mug Ornaments from Japan

Yes some more international ornaments have been confirmed. These were released in Japan I know for sure. These are extremely rare and very hard to find. They are just amazing. It appears they are the same size as the 2010 all with string hangers

White Mug Gold Bursts w/Santa Bear

White Mug Mitten Garland w/Tree

Red Mug Snowflakes w/Black Penguin

Gold Mug Green Print w/White Dove

Red/White Striped Mug w/Snowman

2009 Japan Crystal Ball Ornaments

2010 Plastic Cold Cup Ornament 2nd Edition

This 2nd edition cold cup is the same as 2009, but this one has the straw with it.

Sold for $4.95

2010 Cold Cup Ornament w Straw2

2010 Red Holiday To Go Cup

This holiday ceramic cup featured the Snow Day Kids on either side of the Siren Logo. Both looking up to the falling snow. Red satin hanger.

Sold for $4.95

This Ornament was also sold in Japan in 2010 with no variation from what I have seen.

2010 To Go Holiday Cup kids  2010 To Go Holiday Cup kids2                                              2010 To Go Holiday Cup kids3

2010 Snow Globe Mug Ornaments from Japan

Japan is just as obsessed with Starbucks as the United States. They release some really cool merchandise. Japan released 6 Snow Globe Ornaments in 2010

  • Jack in the Box Clown on top of a Gold Mug
  • Red Latte To Go Cup on top of a White Mug
  • Snow Day Kid on top of a Red Mug with Candy Cane Handle
  • Reindeer on top of a Green Mug with Swirls
  • Rocking Horse on top of a White Mug with Decorated Tree’s
  • Reindeer 2 on top of a White Mug with Candy Cane Handle


What a list eh!!! 2010 was fun to research since I got to explore outside of the United States. I was surprised to see how many were sold in other countries during my research. I think you’ll enjoy them, so keep checking back or follow my blog if you want to be updated.

If my friend’s reading this from Japan, know of any more to be added please send me a message, I’d love to hear about it and add to my library

Have a wonderful weekend my fellow coffee collectors out there.



Starbucks Ornament’s 2006 & 2007


Hey everyone….I hope those who celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US are feeling as full as I am. Time for the holiday shopping spree’s, discounts, and fun. Well sometimes fun. I’m putting up the tree this week, and in the Christmas and Holiday Spirit. Falalalalala

2006 was a huge advertising year for Starbucks. They released a total of 16 Ornaments and a bunch of collectible pottery and plush pieces. They started the Architectural Collectible Series of Mini Mug Ornaments, all featuring Local destinations in the US. They also had published a holiday catalog filled with goodies to preview the merchandise.

2007 was a not as large and they only released 5 ornaments that I could locate. But they still are just as wonderful as any previous year Starbucks released ornaments. 🙂

2006 Architectural Series Mini Mug Ornaments

Starbucks released 9 ceramic mini mugs for this Local series at $5.95 each. All sold separately in a reusable box. Each box provides details on the Local city listed on the mug. Such as Elevation, Land Area, Avg. Annual Rainfall, Avg. Daily Temperature, and a little bottom note about the destination.

  1. Chicago
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Los Angeles
  4. New York City
  5. Pike Place
  6. San Diego
  7. San Francisco
  8. Seattle
  9. Washington DC

Sold for $5.95 each

2006 NYC Architect Series Mug SKU.JPG


2006 To Go Cups Ornament Set

This was the first time Starbucks bundled together 2 ceramic ornaments. This is a match made in heaven

This White To Go Cup has a bigger Logo then the 1st one sold in 2004

The Red Holiday To Go Cup has a winter scene of 2 kids building a snowman

This set sold for $9.95 and was wrapped with a red satin bow.

2006 Double Ornament Set


2006 Glass Tree Ornament, Gold Glitter Filled

This is a Glass Flat Ball Ornament Embossed with 3 decorated Tree’s and filled with gold glitter.

It was packaged in a Happy Holiday’s gift box to present to someone with a gift card and sold for $5.95


2006 Red Cup and Tree Snow Globe Ornament

This was the first Snow Globe Ornament that Starbucks released. This was featured in the Holiday catalog. The Red Cup Design was the same as the ceramic to go cup, featuring 2 kids building a snowman. The Snow Globe has inside a 4 dimensional decorated tree. This came packaged in a clear box and red satin bow.

This sold for $5.95

2006 Ornament Cup and GlobeStarbucks 2006 Booklet 5

2006 Topiary Mug Ornament

This little plastic ornament was the black sheep this year. It doesn’t seem to really fit, but I still love the ornament and style. Topiary Mugs were a fantastic idea. They did a whole series with the Topiary’s for 2006 in the Holiday catalog which I have attached.

This came packaged in a clear box

Sold for $5.95

2006 Ornament Topiary Cups2Starbucks 2006 Booklet 13

2006 WISH Cup and Saucer Ornament

This ceramic ornament represent’s the Tazo Tea line at Starbucks and is one piece. The cup has circle burst’s and the words WISH in gold and in tiny red script Holiday 2006. This was sold in a Tazo Tea Gift Set I believe but have not yet confirmed this

Sold for Unknown

2006 Ornament Cup and Saucer


2006 Felt 4-Sided Tree Ornament

Starbucks even put out ornaments in 2 of the gift packs this year.

The first one was packed in a Holiday’s at Home Gift Pack. This set included a Pound of Christmas Blend 2006, 13fl oz Abbey Mug and wrapped around the handle was the Felt Tree Ornament. This Ornament has a gold 2006 stamped tag

This set was packaged in a reusable box and sold for $19.95

2006 Felt Christmas Tree Ornament set2006 Felt Christmas Tree Ornament3

2006 Large Flat Felt Tree Ornament

This was the second set sold by Starbucks in 2006. This set  was a Coffee & Cookie gift set. This is a flat felt tree and has an embellishment on the left side with a gold 2006 stampde tag. Also packaged in a reusable box

The set sold for $16.95

2006-felt-tree-ornament-gift-set12006 Felt Flat Tree Ornament Gift Set2

2006 Small Flat Felt Tree Ornament

This is the 3rd Felt tree ornament. I was confused for the longest time because I always thought the tiny tree was in the Coffee & Cookies Gift Pack. But after realizing that the small tree didn’t have the 2006 tag but does have a tag that says “Remove Tag Before Product Use” tells me that this was on something as an accessory. After researching these last few weeks I came upon a few 2006 Holiday Tumbler’s that did have it. It seems it was only a select few styles, but I am also not sure if they were put on all the tumbler’s or if only like a promo, they got a few for each store and put it on random ones.

Most of the Tumblers were $12.95 up to $14.95. If you were lucky enough to purchase one and get this, it is a rare treat. This is the 1st Starbucks ornament which does not have any markings or year tag. It’s so tiny and adorable it is almost lost in the mountain of Starbucks ornament releases, but now you know 🙂


2006 Felt Stockings filled with Treats

I am going to start including stockings into the Ornaments list each year if they are small enough such as gift card holder and treat filled stockings.

These were tiny food filled stocking’s that they also advertised in the catalog. These are so small, I would include them on a tree and put surprises inside for the kids as a little extra treat.

1 – Red with White Trim and Ball Pom on toe tip was filled with Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Sold for $5.95

2- Red with White Stripes was filled with Biscotti Biscuits Sold for $5.95

3 – Red with 4 White Button and Star on toe tip, filled with Candy Cane Sticks Sold for $3.95

2006 Assorted Candy Filled Stockings

Update 4/9/2016:

2006 Red Rimmed Cup and Saucer Ornament

This is an extremely rare ornament. So rare I only know of one person to have it. Becca was kind enough to let me use her photos so I can share with all of you.

This is a ceramic cup and saucer ornament. White with a red rimmed pattern of circles and diamonds. This is hung by a silver cord

Sold for Unknown

I believe this was sold in Asia, but not sure if it was sold in any other locations. If anyone is aware of has extra’s of this one, please contact me/

2006 Cup and Saucer Red Rimmed2006 Ornament Cup and Saucer Red Trim ASIA32006 Ornament Cup and Saucer Red Trim ASIA2



2007 To Go Cup and Coffee Bag Ornament Set

This is the 2nd edition Ornament set. These are 2 ceramic ornament’s. A Red Holiday To Go Cup is paired with a bag of 2007 Christmas Blend Coffee.

The Red To Go Cup depicts a scene of snow falling and on the back a man and woman reaching with a gift and coffee

The Christmas Blend Coffee Bag depicts a scene of Christmas Caroler’s in the center of a town and a thankful listener bring them some coffee.

Packaged in a clear box and sold for $9.95. This might also have come with a red satin bow around the outside

2007 Cup and Bag of Coffee

2007 White To Go Cup Ornament

This is a Ceramic Ornament and a miniature version of the in store To Go Cups. This seem’s to be the same design as the double pack sold in 2006. Both year’s are stamped differently, but I don’t notice any distinct feature that shows me they are different.

This sold in a plastic package
Sold for $5.95

2007 White To Go Cup

2007 Red Cup and Tree Snow Globe Ornament 

This 2007 version is similar to 2006. With the difference that the decorated tree is now whole and surrounded by present’s.

The Red Cup design is the same as the 2007 double pack, depicting snow falling and a man and woman greeting one another with a gift and coffee

This sold in a plastic package

Sold for $5.95

2007 To Go Cup and Globe Tree 2


2007 Snowflake Cup and Saucer Ornament

Another wonderful white ceramic cup and red saucer ornament that is colorful with snowflakes and script Holiday 2007

This was sold in the 2007 Tazo Tea gift set

Sold for $14.95

2007 SB Tea Cup Gift Set42007 SB Tea Cup Gift Set2007 SB Tea Cup Gift Set2

2007 Red Cup Penguin Snow Globe Ornament

I love this ornament. 2007 Starbucks released the penguin on a lot of it’s pottery so naturally they would release a penguin ornament.

This is a Red Abbey mug with snowflakes, topped with a Skiing Red Penguin in the Snow Globe. I’m not sure if this was sold in the US or not. So if someone is reading this and actually purchased one here, please let me know, I’d love to update my notes. But I believe this was sold in Taiwan.

Sold for Unknown

This one is very hard to find, they recently sold on Ebay in November 2015 for $59.95 each.

2007 Cup with Globe Penguin

I hope you have enjoyed this list of 2006 and 2007 Ornament’s. I need the Penguin from 2007 but refuse to pay that much on Ebay.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Coming up next week 2008 & 2009


Update 4/9/2016:

2007 To Go Cups International Ornament Set

I almost missed this beauty. Until I realized months ago that 2 photos were not quite the same. Then I realized this scene was much smaller then the one depicted on the 2007 USA red cup .

This ceramic set has a Red Cup with the tiny sharing scene, and a White Cup double sided Siren Logo with custom order menu. Both are hung with a red satin cord

Sold for 295₱

2007 Europe_Asia Red Cup and White Cup Set2





Starbucks Ornament’s 2004 & 2005

Hey everyone….2004 kicked off the Ceramic To Go Cup ornaments. The first To Go Cup was in 1999 and it was a plastic White To Go Cup.

The craze all starts here….

2004 Red Holiday To Go Cup

This year Starbucks kept it simple and classic. This is a ceramic cup with white snow flakes and a bright red bow under the Siren logo. Complete with a red satin hanger

This is the second To Go Cup that was released,But it is the first Holiday To Go Cup ornament. And I think it was perfectly merry.

This came packaged in a clear box with a red satin bow

2004 Ornament Red To Go cup1

2004 Ornament Red To Go cup3

2004 White To Go Cup

This is also a ceramic cup. The same as the in-store style to go cup’s at that time and featured a small logo. Complete with a red satin hanger

This also came packaged in a clear box and a red satin bow

2004 White To Go Cup Ornament

2004 White To Go Cup Ornament Small Logo


2005 Cup and Saucer Ornament

This ceramic Wish*Joy*Love Cup and Saucer is just charming. Around the outer rim, the classic holiday emotions of WISH*JOY*LOVE.

This was packaged in a festive holiday box that also captures the words and adorned with a red satin bow

2005 Ornament Cup and Saucer Mug

2005 Ornament Cup and Saucer


2005 Red Holiday To Go Cup

Starbucks stuck with the Red Holiday Cups from here on out.

This is again a ceramic cup adorned in the 2005 Slogan {It Only Happen’s Once A Year}. The cup is also filled with lots of holiday cheer. 

The top is hung with Christmas lights and the back hide’s a stuffed to the brim checkered stocking.

This also came packaged in a festive clear box and the classic red satin bow



Update 4/24/2018 – 1st International Snow Globe Ornament Release in Japan found

2005 Santa Train Snow Globe Ornament

This year I think I have finally come across what I believe to be the 1st Snow Globe ornament from Japan. I recently acquired this from a friend in Japan and was excited to see that this is a better quality version to the 2012 Santa Train ornament. Not only is the paint neater, but had a bit for eye for detail. This came in the red Santa Train box that came with chocolate coins just like the 2012 version did

These are the noticeable differences that separates the two

  1. Hand painted detail more refined in 2005 then 2012
  2. 2005 Santa is a bigger and has better features then 2012
  3. Back of train says Starbucks Coffee on 2005 where Coffee is omitted from 2012 and appears to be scratched off the original mold
  4. 2005 train is a tad larger then the 2012 cast mold
  5. Bottom text is neat and cleaner on 2005 then 2012

Happy Hunting my fellow collectors, this one is a rare gem to find and I put this in the Ultra Rare HTF category!


Get Ready because up next is 2006.  That is the year the Architect Series ornament’s arrived and Starbucks did a Holiday Catalog and a ton of variety.

I hope everyone here in the US has a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!!

From Mine to Yours!!

Starbucks Ornaments 2003

Hey there guys….I hope your all reading my Starbucks post’s and enjoying them. Sometimes I wonder if this is even helping any other collector’s like myself. So please leave some comment’s if any of my post’s have been helpful in your searches. I’d love here about your finds and thoughts

So today I’ll focus on 2003. There were a lot released. 7 SKU’s in all. I think you’ll be impressed with this collection.

2003 White Abbey II Mug Ornament

In 2003 Starbucks released the 2nd style of Abbey mugs. This is a white ceramic mug with a steaming red mug. The white on the mug also has iridescent snowflakes around it and a candy cane stripe handle. Hung with red satin cord. The bottom is stamped 2003

The packaging was sealed shut and was not reusable

Sold for $4.95

2003 Abby II White Ornament3

2003 Red Abbey II Mug Ornament

Starbucks offered the 2nd edition Abbey mug in 2 ornament this year. This one is plain red ceramic with a steaming white mug. They did not do the snowflakes or the reverse candy cane handle. Both are unique in their own style this year and I love that. The bottom is stamped 2003

This packaging was also sealed shut and was not reusable

Sold for $4.95

2003 Abby II Red Ornament2

2003 Mini Pleated Logo Mug Ornament

Starbucks went a step further and released a white ceramic pleated mug with siren logo. Also hung with a red cord hanger. The bottom is stamped 2003. This is the only year they released a pleated mug which was the same as in store mugs this year as well

This packaging is the same as the last, and not reusable

Sold for $4.95

2003 Pleated Ornament Cup3

2003 White Abbey Mug Ornament Repeat

This is exactly the same as the 2002, but the packaging, cord and date stamp are different. The packaging has the same bottom container as all the others released in 03′. It also was given the same sateen red cord hanger instead of the 2002 red flat satin ribbon. The bottom is marked with 2003 instead of 2002.  I added a side by side of the packaging photo as well for comparison

Sold for $4.95

2003 Abbey White Mug1


2003 Red Abbey Mug Ornament Repeat

This also looks exactly the same as the 2002, except the packaging, cord and date stamp are different. The red mug also has the same packaging, bottom container and sateen red cord hanger instead of the 02′ red flat satin ribbon. The bottom on this years also marked with 2003.

Sold for $4.95


Here is all 4 mugs released in 2002 & 2003 so you can see the difference in packaging and cords. All else appears to be identical. 02′ on bottom and 03′ on top

2002_2003 Abbey Comparison Fronts.JPG

2002 and 2003 comparison

2003 City Mug Ornament Set 1

Starbucks did the first set of ornaments in 2003. But they gave us 2 great set’s to choose from. Set 1 includes the following cities:

  • Las Vegas – Red Skyline Scene inside mug stamped “Sin City”
  • Atlanta – Blue Skyline Scene inside stamped “Hotlanta”
  • San Diego – Light Blue Skyline Scene inside stamped “74° and Sunny”
  • Seattle – Green Skyline Scene inside stamped “Emerald City”

The mugs are all stamped on the bottom 2002, but they were released as a set for 2003 as the original tag show’s.

This series is hard to find I’ll give it that

Sold for $14.95

2003 City Skyline Series Ornament Set 2003 City Skyline Series Set 2

2003 City Mug Seroes SKY2

2003 City Mug Ornament Set 2

This is the second set of 4 that Starbucks released from the Skyline City Series.

Set 2 includes the following cities:

  • Seattle – Green Skyline Scene inside stamped “Emerald City”
  • New York – Blue Skyline Scene inside stamped “The Big Apple”
  • San Francisco – Blue Skyline Scene inside stamped “City By The Bay”
  • Chicago – Blue Skyline Scene inside stamped “The Windy City”

These mugs are all stamped on the bottom 2002, but they were released as a set for 2003 as the original tag show’s on this one too.

These 2 City set’s were the one’s I was referring to in the 2002 Chicago City Mug Ornament. Since both set’s were sold in 2003, and all mugs stamped 2002, makes me think these also might have also been sold individually. I’m still keeping an eye out and if I do find any clue’s I’ll be sure to post them.

Sold for $14.95

2003 Skyline Series Set Pkgd 2003 Skyline Series Ornament Set 2

This concludes all of 2003’s ornament’s. I hope this helped solve anyone’s confusion on how these were sold.

Happy Hunting my fellow collector’s and see you up next for 2004 & 2005 🙂



Starbucks Ornament’s 2001 & 2002

I have been unsuccessful in finding any ornament’s that were released in 2000. Starbucks was not helpful either in my search, so if anyone reading this has a year 2000 ornament, I’d love to hear about it and see it.

This is what I have come across for 2001 & 2002

2001 Bearista Elf Glass Ornament

I love this little bearista ornament. This is a blown glass ornament with great detail.  The gold’s, red’s and green’s are superb and the quality is amazing. On his back belt, the year should always be present.  No running color’s and all edges are clean.  His hat, clothing stripes and horsey wheels are all coated with red glitter.

He comes packaged in a heavy duty box carton and decorated for the holiday season.

Sold for $12.95

2001 Barista Bear Ornamen 2001 Barista Bear Ornament 2001 Barista Bear Ornament Back

2002 White Abbey 1st Edition Mug Ornament

Starbucks started releasing the mug’s this year, and it has not stopped since. This was the same style as the in-store mugs that was used in early 2000’s

This is a white ceramic mug, with black lettering and marked 2002 on the bottom. The packaging for this style was not reusable.

Sold for $4.95

2002 Abbey Ornament White

2002 Red Abbey 1st Edition Mug Ornament

This is the same as the white, but this is red ceramic mug, with white lettering, also marked on the bottom is the year 2002.

This red model is rare and hard to find with the packaging in tact.

Sold for $4.95

2002 Abbey Ornament Red

2002 Chicago City Mug

Sold for $4.95

This was the only city mug I found sold in a singular package. The Skyline Series is very popular in large mugs still to this day. I have a feeling they also sold the following City’s individually – Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, and San Diego.

2002 Chicago Ornament2 2002 Chicago Ornament

The reason I believe there were more individually packed city’s, is because you’ll see in 2003 releases they bundles them together in a 4 set package. The tag has 2003 printed but all the mug bottom’s are marked 2002 Series One. And because this was packaged similar to the Abbey style’s I’m giving it a guess for consistency.

Happy hunting out there…..up next 2003

NEW FINDS 4/6/2016

I love that I am still uncovering new finds to this day. These were marketed as ornaments but I tend to include items like this in the groupings because they have a hanger and can be hung on a tree if you wanted to.

So here are 2 additions to the list

2002 Tin Ball Candy Ornament

This is not a small ornament. This is roughly 4.5″x 4.5″ but has the holidays written all over it. This was probably filled with candies when sold. I am not sure if this is a US or International Ornament, but would be a great addition to any collection

Sold for UNKNOWN


2002 Corduroy Stocking 

This is a corduroy stocking with red and white plaid trim. I am not sure if this stocking was sold with this tiny bear, but I tend to see them together a lot. I also have seen the stock with and without a Jingle Bell on the white cord hanger.

Sold for $4.95

2002 Courderoy Stocking and Bear

Starbucks Ornament’s 1995 & 1999

Starbucks has the longest list of merchandise when it comes to Christmas Ornaments.  They are worldwide and don’t always offer the same styles in all countries. So my search is still showing up new things to this day. In this collection I’ll be including all types and variety of ornament’s.

Starbuck’s sold ornament style merchandise in other holiday’s beside’s just Christmas. So I will include them all together by year’s released.

This is going to be a long list of ornament’s so I hope your ready for what’s to come. 🙂

1995 Easter Egg Tin Ornaments

I was so excited when I found these great ornament’s from 1995. They were each filled with green basket grass and packaged inside was Imported Italian chocolates. I am not sure if they were sold at during Easter or Christmas to be honest

Each was sold with it’s own unique design inside and out. Inside is marked on each with the year 1995 and has a gold ribbon hanger. Who would have thought they started in Easter?  Not me, but I’m glad they did

UPDATE 4/9/2016 – There were actually 4 tin eggs in 1995. The 4th is very hard to find and if the prettiest in my opinion. It is a Lavender Egg with a floral and filigree pattern. The most feminine of them all

1995 Stabucks Easter Egg Ornament 1995 Stabucks Easter Eggs


1999 Barista Machine Ornament

1999 was the earliest release I was able to find for Christmas ornament’s. They put out a great assortment this year as a kick-off to what would be a huge market for the collecting world.

The Barista Machine ornament is plastic with great detail’s. The front of the machine is a decal of the machine’s knobs and lettering. Great Chrome and Black colors with a red hanger. These are usually being sold around $80 and up on Ebay.  But you will find someone at times not wanting to be so greedy. I would only pay $50 at most for this little plastic ornament.

Sold for $5

1999 Barista Machine Pkg

1999 Coffee Carafe Ornament

The Coffee Carafe is also plastic, bright as chrome and Starbuck’s logo along the center band. Hung with a red satin hanger

Sold for $5

1999 Carafe Ornament

1999 Mini Mug Ornament

This is a ceramic mug with Starbucks Green Siren Logo. This cute little mug is bright white glazed with a red satin hanger

Sold for $5

1999 Ornament Cup

1999 White To Go Cup

This is a plastic cup with the Starbucks Green Siren Logo and order bar. This ornament also was produced with decals instead of designed onto the cup. Hung with a red satin hanger.

Sold for $5

1999 Ornament To Go Cup