Peet’s Coffee Ornaments 2016-2017

Here comes some more ornaments…this time Peet’s. I was reading the 2017 Holiday Release statement, and besides the mention of there limited edition ornaments, I was reading through all the drinks and seasonal specials. The Eggnog Latte sounds amazing.

Now to the ornaments…

2016 Gold Snowflake Mug

Limited edition ceramic ornament white with gold deco snowflakes

Retail $6.95

2017 Gold Snowflake Mug

2016 Holiday Hot Cup

50yrs WOW. Now that speaks volume for an original craft coffee house. Now I have made my decision and buying me some Peet’s store coffee this weekend, I can’t resist

Limited edition ceramic ornament black with Signature 50th Anniversary Logo

Retail $6.95

2016 Holiday Hot Cup 50yr


2016 Latte Mug w/Ornament

This was a nice treat that I almost didn’t notice online. It’s a nice little limited edition piece. These are what used to make collecting so exciting. Just trying to find the hardest item and then feeling that joy when you finally find one. That’s what I love about this one, it’s unique and some might have even been discarded being it is so small and flat.

Two Tone Black Latte mug that came with a ceramic limited edition gold snowflake ornament. This comes with a jute rope hanger and is the only ornament that is not stamped with the logo or dated. For those of you on your search, you now will know it by it’s matching gold snowflake’s as you see on the mug ornament.

Retail $12.95

2016 2 Tone Holiday Black Latte Mug wOrnament




I loved last years 50th Anniversary collection. I have not seen another coffee house do an anniversary insignia on there ornaments yet. I’m not sure 2017 will top those, but they are adorable and Peet’s stuck to the Mug and Hot Cup, but this year they are calling it a tumbler.

These can be purchasing online at Peet’s 2017 Holiday Gifts section and this year, they dropped the price down to $4.95 each from $6.95

2017 Holiday Origin Mug

Cute little white ceramic limited edition mug is belted by a cross stitch pattern of diamonds. Would like to have seen some green with it for festivity though, but still a beautiful little mug

Retail $4.95

2017 Holiday Origin Mug2

2017 Holiday Plaid Tumbler

Ah this one makes me want to put on fluffy slippers and a nice warm sweater.

A ceramic tumbler with plaid encircled in red plaid. Wonderful isn’t it?

Retail $4.95

2017 Holiday Plaid To Go Cup_Tumbler2

This completed the list of Peet’s coffee ornaments that I have discovered. I have not found one for 2013 so if anyone out there is even reading this and has one, please email me. I’d love to add it to the list to make it complete

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays

Caribou Coffee Ornament’s 2016-2017

Can you feel the holidays in the air? I can so I’ve decided it time for a new post. I figure it’s been a while and I see you all looking for details by the traffic that has been coming to Caribou. If you want to stay up on new posts make sure to follow Coffee House Collectibles so you will be emailed when new posted are published.

Hopefully this post will help some of the Caribou collectors like myself.

2016 Dog in Car Mug

One thing about Caribou is they have kept the mug ornaments since the beginning and I really enjoy the consistency in keeping them updated each year.

This is a white resin mug with red interior. The theme is a dog in a car on his way home for the holidays, with his tree and gifts, the other side is dated with logo and draping ribbon.

Retail $6.99

2016 Dog in Car Mug1

2016 Holiday To Go Cup

This is the same as the in store to go cups. This resin cup is cheerful even though it is not very festive and screaming holiday. None the less it is there classic to go cup release and I rather enjoy it

Retail $6.99

2016 Holiday To Go Cup1

2016 Plaid ‘Bou Stuffed Ornament

How adorable right…I mean he is cute too cute with the scarf. He is a good size so you can also tuck him in a bookshelf, on a shelf or even on your mantle. He is plaid with a white knit scarf. I would say this guy is my favorite for 2016

Retail $7.49

2016 Plaid Bou Holiday1



This year Caribou upgraded to 4 ornaments. Although there is no plush ornament, we do have 2 mugs and 2 to go cups. And they are very special. You can buy them online at the Caribou Online Store in the Limited section under Holiday

2017 Penguin ‘FABYULEOUS’ Mug

This little guy can melt even children’s hearts. This year is another white mug with red interior, showing a penguin with christmas tree glasses on the front, and Fab-Yule-ous and dated with logo on the other.

Retail $6.99

2017 Fabyuleous Cup2

2017 I’ve Been Good(ish) Mug

This is the 2nd mug they have released.  This one is a red mug with confetti flying with the saying on 1 side and dated with logo on the other. Both mugs are also sold in a full size mug if you love the sayings that mugh

Retail $6.99

2017 Good-ish Mug2

2016 Lights To Go Cup

Cari-Blue 😉 cup wrapped in lights shimmering, with the logo and date front and center

Retail $6.99

2017 Lights To Go Cup2

2016 Reindeer To Go Cup

And there it is, our Caribou of the season. This one is a perfect fit to this bunch of ornaments. Faux Wood Grain background with a Doe Caribou batting her eyes under her antler tied mistletoe  and the back is dated with logo

Retail $6.99

2017 Reindeer To Go Cup2


Now we are all caught up for Caribou Coffee.  I hope you will find the full Caribou list helpful if your confirming your collection, or starting. Any questions email me. But if are someone who has any not listed, please email me I’d love to discuss what I’m missing and add it to the list.

See you here in 2018 for next years release

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone

Dunkin Donuts 2016


So Dunkin Donuts 2016 Ornaments we will be viewing below.  Most of you might think there were only 2. But that would be wrong….Dunkin almost pulled a fast one on me but they released a 3rd style in 3 colors and patterns. Yes it’s true, there are a total of 5 ornaments for 2016. So get ready!!

Besides the delight of coming across the 3 extras, they also thought alot about quality.  As a collector I have a habit of looking for the cleanest lines for hand painted items, and straight decals for mass produced items. Whenever I type about the quality of an ornament, I am refreffing to it’s exterior visibility.  So now I hope you are pleasantly surprised by what your about to see….

2016 Snow Globe To Go Cup


This first ornament is your classic To Go White Cup.  I would have liked it to be a holiday cup, but still creative.

Dunkin created something new, by encasing the exterior with a clear wall, they filled it like a snow globe with water and glitter. I love the thought of this, it’s new and I have never seen anything like it.

This is packaged in a clear box and has a pink satin hanger

I think it was $5.95


2016 Elf on a Shelf

This is something I did not expect to see from any Coffee House. DD Promoting another branded product and having a joint ornament. We all know the Elf on a Shelf, and in this ornament he is sitting with his lovely box of a dozen donuts ready to dive in.

Plastic or Resin with a red satin hanger also packaged and in a clear box

I think this one was $6.95


2016 Gift Card with Gold Pop Snowflake

Now for the rare ones….DD had gift card holder cards with a flat mylar ornament inside. I almost didn’t notice them when I was in the store and then they caught my eye. I wasn’t sure what styles were inside due to only 1 being displayed, but saw 3 different color cards so figured why not get a few of each and see and I was happy I did.

Inside the ornament is a little pack that once broken starts to release CO2 that will fill the ornament for you. They are not throw away either. As of right now mine are still just as full and ready to be displayed in December.  I’m sure they will deflate over time, but only time will tell when

First up is the Grey Card with a Gold Snowflake Ornament

Price $1.99



2016 Gift Card with Navy Pop Snowflake

This one almost looks black but is navy. I love the stick style snowflake

Blue Card with a Navy Snowflake Ornament

Price $1.99


2016 Gift Card with Green Pop with Holly

This is my favorite of the 3 card ornaments. I love the colors theme and it feels the most festive

Red Card with Green and Holly design ornament

Price $1.99


I hope some of the DD fans reading this will be pleasantly surprised by these unique ornaments as I have been 🙂 They may even pop up on Ebay this year!!



Happy Fall Yall

Tim Hortons Ornaments 2009-2016

Hey guys…..So it has been quite a while since my last post. In that time I have had to move and also go through the motions of a parent being diagnosed with cancer, so needless to say I lost my focus for a bit.

However the holidays are creeping upon us ever so quickly and realized I have not added any posts for Tim Hortons.  If you have never heard of them, they are a Canadian Coffee and Bake Shop that was founded in 1964 by Hockey Player Tim Horton and Jim Charade. In 2014 Burger King purchased Tim Hortons so hopefully they don’t ruin this authentic long standing chain’s Canadian vibe

Tim Hortons is known for it’s Coffee and Donuts and they have there very own donut holes called Timbits. They do have multinational locations from USA, UK, Philippines and Middle East. So keep an eye out and check around the holidays they have cute ornaments.

So let’s see what is on the menu for all the Tim Horton’s Ornaments from 2009-2016.

Maurice at Tim Horton’s sent me a full list of all the Holiday Merchandise from 2001-2015 and the first ornament to appear was in 2009.

2009 Coffee Pot Ornament

The theme for 2009 was “Every Cup Has a Story” so naturally if your holiday merchandise is a mug, then you must have an ornament that is a coffee pot right?

First let me just say that Tim Hortons did not skimp on quality on this ornament.  On this ornament that is 3/4 full with what appears to be coffee inside, is there logo and marked for 12:25. Just like they do in the stores so that you know what time that pot was brewed. why don’t all coffee houses do this? That would be so nice to see.

This is packaged in an open face box and has a satin red hanger

Price Unknown

2009 Mini Coffee Pot Ornament2      2009 Mini Coffee Pot Ornament

2009 Employee Exclusive Ornament

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this exclusive ornament from an ex-employee. What a great idea and actually makes this one very collectible due to it’s limited numbers produced since not sold in stores.

This is a glass engraved ornaments with gold hanger and comes in a black box.

“It’s a beaut clark!!!”


2010 Take Out Mug

The following year Tim’s took the To Go Cup ornament route and this couldn’t have been created better.

It is ceramic with holiday red tones and the classic Tim Hortons Logo and has a red satin cordage. This came packages in a red box. Box is printed with 2009 but sold in 2010 confirmed by Maurice in customer service

price unknown

2011 In Rest White Mug

In 2011 Tim’s released 2 ornaments. The first is what they call the In Rest Mug.

This mug is porcelain I think with what looks like rippling coffee and red satin hanger mine is currently packed away. The coffee looks so realistic

Price Unknown

2011 Timbit Snowman

How adorable something I always wished DD had done but hasn’t.

This is a resin 3 Timbit Snowman that is made up of chocolate base, glazed middle and powdered head. Complete with red striped scarf and the Timbits logo

Price Unknown

2011 Timbits Snowman Ornament.jpg

2012 Sledding Timbit

Tim’s went ahead and released 2 again in 2012 which I’m sure the customers were excited about since the previous year was so unique and adorable.

This single Timbit on a sled getting ready for a wild ride. This ornament has a few textures on it’s design, from the glazed goggles and snow hat, to the wooden matte painted sled and the sparkly snow underneath.

Price Unknown

2012 Cafe & Bake Store

Tim’s moved away from the coffee and Timbit theme and came up with a store release.

This is mini lit store during winter with a Snowman leaving while on his run for coffee. Hand-painted resin, glittering snow and hung with a red satin cord

Now as much as enjoy this mini store replica, I’m really disappointed in it’s quality. Not sure who they chose to make this version but I would have asked them for a redo. None the less it is still an adorable piece in the collection

Price Unknown

2012 Mini Restaurant Ornament2

2013 Holiday To Go Cup Version 1

This year Tim’s I think went back to the original manufacturer because the quality is back up

A ceramic to go cup depicting boys having a game of hockey on the pond as the girls sleigh-ride and make a snowman on the other side. Complete with a black flip top lid

Version 1 has no striping behind the Tim Hortons Logo, has French language and Cafe on bottom

2013 Holiday To Go Cup Version 2

Same as above but Version 2 has a different Tim Hortons Logo and says Cafe & Bake Shop. This might have been the US Version but I have not been able to confirm this

Price Unknown

2013 Holiday To Go Cup

2014 Timbit 20pk Box

Yeah another Timbits ornament. That is something else Tim’s does very well, they make the packaging just as attractive and festive

This is a plastic decal’d Timbits Box hung with a red satin cord

Price Unknown

2015 Snow Globe Ornament

I have a thing for Starbucks snow globes and I was thrilled with this little Tim Hortons release. This is another high quality ornament from Tim’s

Glass Snow Globe with Plastic Base, depicting  a brick and mortar Tim Horton’s Store

Price Unknown

2015 Tim Hortons Snowglobe Ornament

2016 Coffee Sack Ornament

This brings us to the last of the list for now, but in a few months we will see what is in store for 2017.  Last year I think Tim’s really missed the mark most of all. So I’m hoping they redeem themselves this year.

Resin burlap coffee sack filled to the top and over flowing with coffee beans. with a red satin ribbon hanger

This is still an adorable ornament, but I know that Tim’s could have done a lot better.

Price Unknown

2016 Tim Hortons Ornament2016 Tim Hortons Ornament2


I hope you have enjoyed this full post of Tim Horton’s Ornaments. I can’t wait to see what they plan for 2017.

Happy Fall

Woods Coffee Ornaments 2014 & 2015

Ho Ho Ho…I feel like Mrs Claus bringing a new guest to the holidays. So let me introduce you to Woods Coffee, the newest category to the library. Oh what fun…..

Woods Coffee is a USA Coffee House. Established in 2002 by the Herman Family of Lynden, WA. What started out from a stand-alone shop, is now a total of 19 stores. 18 of those stores are located in the Pacific North West, and new this year they went across the boarder to Canada and opened a store in British Columbia.

im 2011 Woods Coffee went a step further and decided to make their own fresh-baked goods. Made in the USA of superior quality. You can’t get more fresh when you are eating foods sourced from local ingredients and farmers. I live near Hudson Valley and we east coasters also know local ingredients taste 10x better than anything store bought so they get a round of applause from me. They also strive to server others, make a difference and just have fun doing it. That is their mission. They are a Great American Company in my eyes

Ive always been concerned with our environment as we all should, and also learned that Woods uses local fallen trees to make furniture and also uses recycled lumber. They even have 100% compostable hot & cold cups. How cool is that, I love it. Woods is also a big contributor to local charities, schools and more. I mean each thing I read and research about Woods makes me root for their success and hope one day to visit a store and get the full experience.

New for this year they opened a Roastery in Whatcom County, WA. However, they were serving their own in-house roasted coffee since 2014. They have 5 year round coffees and a holiday blend that is seasonal. The blends range in medium to dark roast. I still have not made a decision on which I will try first but leaning toward the Woods Blend medium roast. So head on over to the store to see some Woods Coffee Gear.

Now for the Ornaments. Ive been in contact with Adam in customer service, and he has been a great help. I wish all companies had employees like Adam to help collectors like myself. He confirmed that they did only release 2 ornaments so far and did not release one for 2016. But of those 2, only 1 was a true Holiday ornament. The other was a gift with purchase that you will see first. Adam was kind enough to send me one of each. This made my Christmas all the better, because trying to hunt down the rare unknown ornaments is sometime slim to none. So thank you Adam if your reading this, I would have never found these without you 🙂

So let’s see what we have from Woods…

2014 Leather Mason Mug w/Ornament

In June of 2014, Woods released a limited edition Leather wrapped Mason Jar Mug, filled with Woods Blend whole beans and the ornament. The small wood slice is a hand-painted pine tree with black Woods lettering. Woods Coffee gave ALL proceeds to Help Fight Human Trafficking through Engedi Refuge Project.

As you will see in the 2nd image of my tree, it does not have the Woods logo because Adam sent me the prototype. So if you did get one with the purchase of the mug, it should have the Woods name as in the photo you see below from their Instagram page.

Retail price of Ltd Ed. Mug was $100


Photo from Woods Coffee Instagram


2015 Woods “W” Tree Ornament

This piece is just gorgeous. I will put it out every year. I love coffee houses that put a lot of thought into the ornaments. I think it makes them even more collectible and enjoyable. I’m always looking for the rare and unique items and I classify Woods Coffee Ornaments in this category. This was sold for the 2015 Holiday Season.  Real wood, looks laser cut with a center W, slight burnt edges and red ribbon. Woods theme for 2015 was “Over The River And To The Woods”, that is so perfect.

Retail Price: $4.95


I hope you are intrigued and go check out what Woods Coffee has to offer, you won’t be disappointed!!

I’m hoping that they will bring back the ornament release in 2017. Fingers Crossed!

Happy Holidays

Dutch Bros. Coffee Ornaments 2013, 2015 & 2016

Do you like trying new coffees like I do? Do you collect Coffee House Ornaments like I do? Do you like a great American comeback story like I do? Then you have stopped on the right post!

A few months ago while browsing online and researching I came across a Coffee House called Dutch Bros.Coffee. You can’t miss the adorable drive-thru’s adorned with colorful tulips and the signature Dutch Windmill. It makes me wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest because the building alone would brighten up any morning or day, they are so cheery in design.

Let me give you some information on Dutch Bros. because I think you’ll really be pulled into them like I have, after you learn a little about their American Comeback Story as I like to call it.

Before Dutch Bros. Coffee was established in 1992, the Boersma Family had to shut down their 3 Generation Dairy Farm under Government Regulation Pressures and sell all their cows. They say this was a blessing in disguise. Because, Dane & Travis, brothers of Dutch Descent, started experimenting in the barn with coffee and a double head espresso machine. After passing out free sample near a local train station, the feedback was well received in a months time, so they figured they found a future in coffee.

Dutch Bros. Coffee is the USA’s largest privately held drive-thru coffee company with over 270 locations in 7 states and over 5,000 employees. They also give back and donate $2 million a year to local communities and non-profit organizations. That just makes me so happy to hear, I love companies who help others and stand by their communities. Here is a link to there store page for some Holiday Dutch Gear 

I love this story and really love buying USA brand products. I just received my Private Reserve Blend K-Cups and have to he honest. It’s some of the best coffee I’ve had in awhile. Right now my coffee choices are Starbucks and Gevalia, but Dutch will be my morning muse til its all finished. Great gift idea for the Coffee Lover in your life who enjoys trying new brands.

I did get in contact with a customer service agent and she confirmed they did release previous year ornaments, but they did not keep a list of them that she could locate, so I was on my own and these are the confirmed ornaments so far.

2013 Dutch Bros. Coffee Cup Ornament

How cute and simple. It appears to be flat plastic and colored in the standard To Go Cup with a gold hanger. Unsure what it sold for in 2013 but if anyone purchased it and recalls the price, please contact me


2015-2016 Dutch Wooden Ornament Box Set

Dutch released ornaments in 2 sets and 1 single, but a total of 6 individual as you’ll see in this list. They are also selling them again this year without change or any additions. I hope they do something new next year and keep up the ornament release tradition. But this set is quite unique and great quality compared to most brands

The set is a wooden box with 3 wooden ornaments inside:

1 Dutch Mafia, 1 Dutch Windmill Snowflake and 1 Dutch Bros. Coffee Cup Ornament

Sold for $13.95

STILL AVAILABLE for 2016 – Get yours now at Wood Ornament Box Set



2015-2016 Dutch Bros. Hot & Cold Cup Set

Dutch sold this as a set online last year and again this year. This is a perfect replica of Dutch Bros. Hot and Cold Cups. 3D full color replicas with authentic details. This has to be some of the finest quality ornament’s even though they are plastic. Even the bottom of the Hot Cup has the Dutch Peace Sign. Hung with gold ribbon. Tops are removable on each

Sold for $12.95

STILL AVAILABLE for 2016 – Get yours now at Dutch Bros. Cup Ornaments

2015-2016 Windmill Cookie Cutter Ornament

This is a 2 in 1 for the Dutchies out there. Hang it on the tree or make some cookies, it’s a great idea I think fits well with the brand.

Blue metal windmill cookie cutter with gold ribbon

Sold for $2.95

STILL AVAILABLE for 2016 – Get yours now at Windmill Cookie Cutter Ornament


They are also offering up the Cup Set and Windmill in gift sets this year.

Both  are listed for $39.95

2016-gift-set-w-2-cup-ornaments-repeat2 2016-gift-set-wwindmill-ornament-repeat2

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Dutch Bros. Coffee and to stop in and check them out in your travels to the West Coast or Online Shopping. You won’t regret this brand!!

Dutch Bros. does release holiday to go cups like most other chains and they are so cute. Maybe if we all email Dutch Bros. we could persuade them to release a Holiday Cup ornament for 2017 🙂

Here is a sample of some past cups and delicious holiday drinks they offer.


Coming up in the next post another NEW brand to the Coffee House Collectibles library



Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Ornament 2005 & 2014

Hey guys…It has been quite sometime since I last posted, but I have been working on sourcing new Coffee House’s that also release holiday ornaments. So keep an eye out, because 2 new brands are coming soon to the site.

In the mean time, I have only ever come across 1 confirmed ornament and 1 secondary for CBTL. I have been very unsuccessful in my search for the last 2 years and corporate was not able to supply any details. If anyone reading this, has or knows of any other years please contact me, I’d love hear about them and add it to the list.

2005 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was looking to redesign their brand and brought on some new staff. Art Director Jessie McAnulty worked on a series of mugs that depicted cute wintery scenes and from what I have gathered is 1 ornament

2005 Skating Snowman Ornament

This tiny little ceramic 1.5oz mug depicts an ice skating snowman on a sunny winter day. The ribbon is red satin but hardly a hanger, although this is tiny ribbon, if you have a tree that does not hold ornaments well, the tiny hanger is helpful in keeping it close to the branch


2014 Bell Wreath Gift Ornament

A lot of companies sell The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift baskets. So I started searching them out, wondering if they would sneak one into any like Starbucks has in the past. Last year I came across one on Walmart that was a set of teas and part of the packaging included a cute silver bells wreath with red ribbon.

I’m considering it a secondary ornament as of now, til I ever come across one to see if it is marked with brand name. It is still an adorable addition if it is meant to be an ornament

Sold for $24.79 on


I haven’t seen any at CBTL this year, but will continue in my search

CBTL does have some nice gifts this year, so head on over and take a peek at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf website for more details

Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more Coffee House ornament’s being listed this weekend 🙂